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Genomics Core
Columbia University
Medical Center
The Taub Institute
P&S Building
12th floor, Room 12-420
650 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

Lorraine Clark, PhD (Director)
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The following service fees are an estimate. Please contact the core facility to obtain a quote for your project.


Affymetrix GeneChip (expression) per chip

Labeling/hybridization/fluidics/scanning (Gene 1.0 arrays)*



Labeling/hybridization/fluidics/scanning (exon arrays)*







Affymetrix GeneChip (SNP Genotyping) per chip

Full service (one enzyme, one chip, such as 50K and 250K)*



Full service (two enzymes, one chip, such as SNP 5.0 and 6.0)*







Illumina Expression BeadChip (per sample)







microRNA profiling (chips included)




Illumina SNP Genotyping

Illumina Custom SNP Genotyping (per 96-well plate)*



Illumina Infinium Whole Genome SNP Genotyping (per sample)*



Illumina LD Mouse SNP Genotyping with 377 SNPs (per sample; sample number needs to be multiples of 16)



Illumina MD Mouse SNP genotyping with 1449 SNPs (per samples; sample number needs to be multiples of 16)




Sequenom SNP Genotyping

Iplex Custom SNP Genotyping (per 384-well plate;1-36 SNPs per plex)



Sequenom Quantitative Methylation Analysis. In vitro transcription using T7 promoter primer. Base-specific cleavage with RNase A (cleaves each U in reverse strand). Methylated and unmethylated cleavage products measured by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Preparation of the Epigram image and report listing methylation level. Per 384 well plate



DNA Bisulfite conversion (per sample)




Realtime PCR for Expression and SNP Genotyping

Real-time PCR for gene expression (per plate)



End Reading (per plate)




Nucleic Acid Quality and Quantity Check

NanoDrop Quantitation. Spectrophotometry reading (average of three readings) by Nanodrop per sample



DNA and RNA qualitation (Gel Electrophoresis for RNA and DNA quality Analysis) per sample



PicoGreen DNA quantitation and concentration adjustment (per sample)



RNA isolation from Tissue (per sample)





*Note: Service fees above do not include the cost of microarrays or oligonucleotides.
Please contact us at genomics@columbia.edu before submitting samples.

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