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Faculty and Administrative Staff

Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD

K. Noble
Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Phone: 212-305-1112
Fax: 212-305-2526
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Biographical Sketch

Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD is a pediatrician and a developmental cognitive neuroscientist in the Department of Pediatrics and the G.H. Sergievsky Center at Columbia University. She received her undergraduate, graduate, and medical degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed post-doctoral training at the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology at Weill Cornell Medical College. She was a 2010 recipient of the Driscoll Award for junior faculty in Pediatrics, and in 2011 was named a "Rising Star" by the Association for Psychological Science.



Research Interests

» Neurocognition, Early Experience and Development Lab

Dr. Noble’s research focuses on socioeconomic disparities in child neurocognitive development, with an emphasis on reading and language development. She is interested in understanding the mechanisms and time course via which differences in childhood exposures and experiences contribute to specific neurocognitive outcomes, and in applying this knowledge to the development of public health-focused interventional strategies. Current projects include the follow-up of a large, epidemiological birth cohort of very young children, with a focus on SES disparities and subsequent neurocognitive outcomes. She is additionally examining language and reading development in separate epidemiological birth cohort in an underserved area of New York City, to better understand how the social, material, and chemical environments interact to produce disparities in literacy development in young children. She has ongoing collaborations with several service organizations aimed at reducing disparities, including Reach Out and Read and Columbia University Head Start.

Representative Publications

Journal Articles

Noble, K.G., McCandliss, B.D., Farah, M.J. (2007) Socioeconomic background predicts individual
                  differences in neurocognitive abilities. Developmental Science. 10(4): 464-480. [pdf]

Noble, K.G., Wolmetz, M.E., Ochs, L.G., Farah, M.J., McCandliss, B.D. (2006) Brain-behavior
                  relationships in reading acquisition are modulated by socioeconomic status factors.
                  Developmental Science. 9(6): 642-654. [pdf]

Noble, K.G., Farah, M.J., McCandliss, B.D. (2006) Socioeconomic background modulates
                  cognition-achievement relationships in reading. Cognitive Development. 21(3): 349-368. [pdf]

Noble, K.G. and McCandliss, B.D. (2005) Reading development and impairment: Behavioral, social,
                  and neurobiological factors. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.
                  26(5):370-378. [pdf]

Noble, K.G., Norman, M. F., Farah, M.J. (2005) The neurocognitive correlates of socioeconomic status in

                  kindergarten children. Developmental Science. 8: 74-87. [pdf]

Noble, K.G., Tottenham, N., Casey, B.J. (2005) Neuroscience perspectives on disparities in school
                  readiness. Future of Children. Special Issue - The ethnic and racial test score gap: School
                  readiness and the first five years of life. 15(1): 71-89. [pdf]

Flowers, D.L., Jones, K., Noble, K.G., Van Meter, J., Zeffiro, T.A., Wood, F.B., Eden, G.F. (2004)
                  Attention to single letters activates left extrastriate cortex. NeuroImage. 21 (3) 829-839. [pdf]

McCandliss, B.D. and Noble, K.G. (2003) The development of reading impairment: A cognitive
                  neuroscience model. Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability Research Reviews.
                  9 (3) 196-204. [pdf]

Joseph, J, Noble, K.G., & Eden, G. (2001). The neurobiological basis of reading. Journal of Learning
34(6): 566-579. [pdf]

Noble, K.G., Glosser, G, & Grossman, M. (2000) Oral reading in dementia. Brain and Language.
                  74(1): 48-69. [pdf]

Book chapters

Farah, M.J., Noble, K.G., Hurt, H. (2007) The developing adolescent brain in socioeconomic context.
                  In: Daniel Romer and Elaine Walker (Eds.) Adolescent Psychopathology and the Developing
New York: Oxford University Press. 373-387.

Farah, M.J., Noble, K.G., Hurt, H. (2005) Poverty, privilege, and brain development: Empirical
                  findings and ethical implications. In: J. Illes (Ed.) Neuroethics: Defining the Issues in
                  Theory, Practice, and Policy
. New York: Oxford U. Press.

Farah, M.J., Noble, K.G. (2005) Socioeconomic influences on brain development: A preliminary
                  study. In: U. Mayr, E. Awh, and S. Keele (Eds.) Developing Individuality in the
                  Human Brain: A Tribute to Michael I. Posner
. Washington, DC: American Psychological
                  Association Press. 189-208.


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