Yaakov Stern, PhD
Professor of Neuropsychology (in Neurology, Psychiatry, and Psychology, in the Sergievsky Center and the Taub Institute)
Director, Cognitive Neuroscience Division, Department of Neurology

Taub Institute
630 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032
Phone: 212-342-1350
Fax: 212-342-1838
Email: ys11@columbia.edu

Ongoing Research:

Stern Y. What is cognitive reserve? Theory and research application of the reserve concept. JINS 2002;8:448-460.

Stern Y, Habeck C, Moeller J, Scarmeas N, Anderson KE, Hilton HJ, Flynn J, Sackeim H, van Heertum R. Brain networks associated with cognitive reserve in healthy young and old adults. Cerebral Cortex 2005;15:394-402.

Stern Y, Zarahn E, Habeck C, Holtzer R, Rakitin BC, Kumar A, Flynn J, Steffener J, Brown T. A common neural network for cognitive reserve in verbal and object working memory in young but not old. Cerebral Cortex 2008;18:959-967.

Stern Y. Cognitive Reserve. Neuropsychologia 2009;47:2015–2028.

Stallard E, Kinosian BP, Zbrozek AS, Yashin AI, Glick HA, Stern Y. Estimation and validation of a multi-attribute model of Alzheimer’s disease progression. Med Decis Making. 2010;30(6);625-38.