Department of Radiation Oncology


Social Workers

Patient in the Department of Radiation Oncology have the opportunity to meet with a social worker who is trained to assist the patient and family in dealing with non-medical problems and concerns related to illness, hospitalization, and disability.

The social worker's priority is to identify and provide services that maintain a continuity of quality care for the patient from the hospital to the home. If transportation, equipment, home care services, and/or long-term care are needed for the patient, the social worker will assist in identifying the appropriate resources and help to arrange for these services. They are familiar with community resources of possible benefit to their patients.

In areas of financial concerns, the social workers help to clarify insurance coverage and to identify sources of financial aid. The social worker is knowledgeable regarding services that offer supplementary financial assistance and will assist patients and families by making referrals for appropriate benefits.

Social workers can help patients deal with the anxieties and fears related to their illness. They provide supportive counseling services to all patients and families in individual, family, and group sessions. They can also link the patient and family to community agencies that provide these services.

Social worker services can be obtained by the patient and family at any time during the patient's treatment and follow-up.

To speak with a social worker, please call (212) 305-2991.


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