Shanaz A. Ghandhi, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Center for Radiological Research
VC 11-237
630 W. 168th St.
New York, NY 10032

Tel: (212) 305-3911
Fax: (212) 305-3229

Research Interests

  • Gene expression

  • Genomics

  • Bystander effect

    Academic Training  



B.S. University of Pune, India, 1992                                                      



M.S. University of Pune, India, 1994       

M.Phil. City University of New York, 2001       

Ph.D City University of New York, 2006                     


   Current Academic and Professional Appointments  

  • Associate Research Scientist, Center for Radiological Research, College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University Medical Center

   Current Research  

Shanaz works on radiation induced bystander effects in tissue culture model systems. Her work focuses on gene expression patterns and understanding the mechanism of the bystander effect. Shanaz has experience working in the molecular biology of gene expression and using computer tools to organize and understand the large data sets generated by the genomic approach.

   Selected Publications  

  • Ghandhi SA, Ming L, Ivanov VN, Hei TK and Amundson SA. Regulation of early signaling and gene expression in the alpha-particle and bystander response of IMR-90 human fibroblasts. BMC Med Genomics. 3:31, 2010. [abstract]

  • Ivanov VN, Zhou H, Ghandhi SA, Karasic TB, Yaghoubian B, Amundson SA and Hei TK. Radiation-induced bystander signaling pathways in human fibroblasts: A role for interleukin-33 in the signal transmission. Cell Signal. 22:1076-87, 2010. [abstract]

  • Ghandhi SA, Yaghoubian B and Amundson SA. Global gene expression analyses of bystander and alpha particle irradiated normal human lung fibroblasts: Synchronous and differential responses. BMC Med Genomics. 1: 63, 2008. [abstract]

  • Ghandhi SA and Amundson SA. Micronucleus formation in primary human small airway epithelial cells in response to 0.5Gy alpha particles. Annual Report, Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, p26-27, 2007.

  • Zhu D, Xu G, Ghandhi S and Hubbard K. Modulation of the expression of p16INK4a and p14ARF by hnRNP A1 and A2 RNA binding proteins: implications for cellular senescence. J Cell Physiol 193:19-25, 2002. [abstract]

  • Chan KL, New D, Ghandhi S, Wong F, Lam CM and Wong JT. Transcript levels of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A gene peak at early G(1) phase of the cell cycle in the dinoflagellate Crypthecodinium cohnii. Appl Environ Microbiol 68:2278-84, 2002. [abstract]

  • Ray MK, Sitaramamma T, Ghandhi S and Shivaji S. Occurrence and expression of cspA, a cold shock gene, in Antarctic psychrotrophic bacteria. FEMS Microbiol Lett 116:55-60, 1994. [abstract]


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