2008 Annual Report
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The complete 2008 annual report can be downloaded as a PDF as can individual sections of this report from the links below. The table of contents is given below.

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Microbeam Development and Experimental Studies [PDF]

Under-Dish Detector for the Microbeam at Columbia University
Guy Garty, Andrew D Harken, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

The Permanent Magnet Microbeam at Columbia University
Guy Garty, Andrew D Harken, Yanping Xu, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Applications for the Microbeam-Integrated Multiphoton Imaging System at RARAF
Alan W Bigelow, Charles R Geard, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Immersion Mirau Interferometry Developments
Oleksandra V Lyulko, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Point-and-Shoot: Charged-Particle Microbeam Irradiation Targeting Through Beam Deflection
Andrew D Harken, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Proton Induced Soft X-ray Microbeam at RARAF
Andrew D Harken, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Neutron Microbeam
Yanping Xu, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, Stephen A Marino and David J Brenner

Microbeam Irradiation of Living Animals
Antonella Bertucci, Roger D J Pocock, Wendy Kuhne, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, William Dynan, Oliver Hobert and David J Brenner

Bystander Studies [PDF]

Mitochondrial Function Modulates Cytoplasmic Irradiation Induced Bystander Effect
Hongning Zhou, Masao Suzuki, Mei Hong, Vladimir Ivanov, Michael Partridge, Alan Bigelow, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and Tom K Hei

Role of Succinate Dehydrogenase C in Radiation Induced Bystander Effect
Hongning Zhou, Vladimir N Ivanov and Tom K Hei

A Role of IGFBP3 in Modulation of α-radiation-induced Bystander Signaling Pathways Followed by TRAIL-Mediated Apoptosis in Human Skin Fibroblasts
Vladimir N Ivanov, Hongning Zhou and Tom K Hei

Differential Expression of p53 Related Genes in Irradiated and Bystander Cell Populations
Shanaz A Ghandhi and Sally A Amundson


Molecular Studies [PDF]

TGFBI Deficiency Predisposes Mice to Spontaneous Tumor Development
Ye Zhang, Gengyun Wen, Genze Shao, Chyuansheng Lin, Adayabalam S Balajee Govind Bhagat, Tom K Hei and Yongliang Zhao

Betaig-h3 Expression Reduces In Vitro and In Vivo Metastatic Ability in Lung and Breast Tumor Cells
Gengyun Wen, Michael A Partridge, Mei Hong, Bingyan Li, Gloria M Calaf, Yongliang Zhao, Tian Liu, Jun Zhou, Zengli Zhang and Tom K Hei

DNA Demethylating Agent Zebularine Preferentially Sensitizes Human Glioblastoma Cells Deficient in DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase (DNA-PK)
Jarah A Meador, Yanrong Su, Jean-Luc Ravanat, Charles R Geard and Adayabalam S Balajee

DNA-PK Plays a Regulatory Role in Cisplatin Induced Toxicity in Human Brain Tumor Cells
Patricia de Oliveira Carminati, Jarah A Meador, Charles R Geard and Adayabalam S Balajee

Combined Heterozygosity for DNA Repair Genes Has Significant Effect on Radiation Response
Lubomir B Smilenov, Guangming Zhou, Howard B Lieberman and Eric J Hall

Alteration of p53-Binding Protein 1 Kinetics in Hypoxic Cells
Alexander V Kofman, Burong Hu and Charles R Geard

Use of geNorm to Identify Appropriate Endogenous Controls for Normalization of Gene Expression in a Macro Array
Shanaz A Ghandhi and Sally A Amundson

Agilent One Color Low RNA Input Linear Amplification Microarrays: Modified Protocol and Evaluation of Expression Profiling Quality Control Measurements
Sunirmal Paul and Sally A Amundson

HRAD9 Overexpression in Prostate Cancer Cell Line-DU145 is Caused by Aberrant DNA Methylation
Aiping Zhu, Kevin M Hopkins, Xiaojian Wang and Howard B Lieberman

Mrad9B Is Expressed in the Brain of Mouse Embryos
Corinne Leloup, Xiang Yuan Wang, Kevin M Hopkins, Aiping Zhu, Debra J Wolgemuth and Howard B Lieberman

Human RAD9 Can Activate Transcription of the Cox-2 Promoter after Ionizing Radiation Exposure
Xiaojian Wang, Chuanxin Huang, Wenhong Shen, Yuxin Yin and Howard B Lieberman

Characterization of Mrad1 Deficient Mouse Embryos
Kevin M Hopkins, Xiangyuan Wang, Haiying Hang and Howard B Lieberman

A Signaling Pathway Involving 4-HNE and COX-2 in Cytoplasmic Irradiation-induced Genotoxic Effect
Mei Hong, Hongning Zhou, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, and Tom K Hei

Identification of DUSP1 as a p53 Target during the Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress
Yu-Xin Liu, Jianli Wang, Jianfen Guo, Jingjing Wu, Howard B Lieberman and Yuxin Yin


Cellular Studies [PDF]

Human Endothelial Cells in 3D Model Vessel Systems; Differential Effects of High and Low LET
Space Radiations
Peter Grabham, Burong Hu, Alan Bigelow and Charles R Geard

Effect of Organophosphorus Pesticides and Estrogen on Mammary Carcinogenesis
Gloria M Calaf and Carlos EchiburĂș-Chau

Population-Based Radiology or Radiotherapy Oriented Studies [PDF]

Protons for Radiotherapy: A 1946 Proposal
Eric J Hall

Integrating Short- and Long-Term Mechanistic Models of Radiation-Induced Carcinogenesis I: Rationale and Methods
Igor Shuryak, Philip Hahnfeldt, Lynn Hlatky, Rainer K Sachs and David J Brenner

Integrating Short- and Long-Term Mechanistic Models of Radiation-Induced Carcinogenesis
II: Second Cancer Risk Estimation
Igor Shuryak, Philip Hahnfeldt, Lynn Hlatky, Rainer K Sachs and David J Brenner

Center for High-Throughput Minimally-Invasive Radiation Biodosimetry (U19) [PDF]

Triage of Medically Significant Radiation Exposures Using Gene Expression Signatures in Human PBL
Sally A Amundson and Sunirmal Paul

The Rabit: A Rapid Automated Biodosimetry Tool for Radiological Triage
Guy Garty and David J Brenner

Sample Collection for High Throughput Radiation Biodosimetry
Guy Garty, Helen C Turner, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Adaptation of MN and γ-H2AX Assays for Automated Processing
Helen C Turner, Guy Garty, Oleksandra V Lyulko, Antonella Bertucci, Julia SchÀfer, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner90

High-Throughput Image Acquisition and Analysis for Rapid Automated Biodosimetry Tool
Oleksandra V Lyulko, Guy Garty, Helen C Turner, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Immunoassays to Detect Paracrine Signaling Molecules Induced by Radiation Exposure:
Developing an in vivo Proof of Principle Animal Model
Michael A Partridge

Expression of Activated Checkpoint Kinase 2 and Histone 2AX in Exfoliative Oral Cells after
Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
Angela J Yoon, Jing Shen, Hui-Chen Wu, Christos Angelopoulos, Steven R Singer,
Rongzhen Chen and Regina M Santella

Radiation-Induced Mitochondrial DNA Damage: A Dosimeter for Radiation Exposure
Hongning Zhou, Michael Partridge, Sarah Huang, Yu-Chin Lien and Tom K Hei

Remodeling of Interphase Chromosome Domains in Response to Radiation Damage
Michael N Cornforth

Minimally Invasive High-Throughput Radiation Biodosimetry Using a Finger Prick Blood Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Assay Microculture System
Michael Fenech

miRNA Based Dosimetry for Irradiation Exposure
Lubomir B Smilenov

Development of a Button-Type Personal Dosimeter
Stephen A Marino

Stability of Expression of Endogenous Controls in Single and Multiple Cells by qRT-PCR
Brian Ponnaiya, Sally A Amundson, Shanaz A Ghandhi, Lubomir B Smilenov, Charles R Geard and David J Brenner

On-Line Breath Gas Analysis for Non-Invasive High-Throughput Radiation Biodosimetry
Uwe Oeh, Lothar Keck, Claudia Brunner, Mattia Fredrigo and Herwig G Paretzke

Human DNA Repair Variation and Radiation Exposure Biomarkers
Bruce Demple

Integrated Microfluidic Visualization on a Microchip for Ultrahigh-Throughput Low-Cost Radiation Biodosimetry
Robin Muller, Michael Grad, Chee Wei Wong, Samuel K Sia and Daniel Attinger

Potential Application of γ-H2AX and TUNEL Assays in Hair Follicle Cells for High-Throughput Minimally-Invasive Biodosimetry in the 2-8 Gy Dose Range
Yuanlin Peng and Joel S Bedford

Quantitative Microarray Flow-Channel Assay for Use with a Hand-Held Fluorescent Reader
Matthew Coleman

The Radiological Research Accelerator Facility an NIH-Supported Resource Center [PDF]
Dir., David J. Brenner, PhD, DSc; Assoc. Dir. Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, PhD; Mnger., Stephen A. Marino, MS

The Radiation Safety Office [PDF]


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