2006 Annual Report
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CRR Director: Eric J Hall
Editor: Howard B Lieberman
Asst Editors: Moshe Y Friedman
                    Jinshuang Lu


The complete 2006 annual report can be downloaded as a PDF as can individual sections of this report from the links below The table of contents is given below

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Microbeam Development Studies [PDF]

Multiphoton Microscope: Incident Optics Characterization
Alan W Bigelow, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Under-dish Detector for the Microbeam at Columbia University
Guy Garty, Gregory J Ross, Edmin Sung, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Bystander Studies [PDF]

A Microbeam Study of DNA Double Strand Breaks in Bystander Primary Human Fibroblasts
Lubomir B Smilenov, Eric J Hall, William M Bonner and Olga A Sedelnikova

Further Studies of a Low LET Radiation-Induced Bystander Effect in a 3D Cell Cluster Model
Rudranath Persaud, Honging Zhou, Sarah E Baker, Tom K Hei and Eric J Hall

The Function of DNA-PKcs in Radiation Induced Bystander Effect
Hongning Zhou, Muria Sutton, Joseph A Gillispie, Guillermo Taccioli and Tom K Hei

The Mechanism of Radiation Induced Bystander Effects: Implication from Mitochondrial Function Studies
Hongning Zhou, Vladimir Ivanov, Yu-Chin Lien, Mercy Davidson and Tom K Hei

Human Endothelial Cells in 2D and 3D Systems: Effects of Space Related Radiations
Peter Grabham, Burong Hu, Gloria Jenkins and Charles R Geard

Delayed Genomic Instability in Bystander Cells
Burong Hu, Peter Grabham, Adayabalam Balajee, Brian Ponnaiya, Stephen Marino, Gloria Jenkins-Baker and Charles R Geard

Molecular Studies [PDF]

HRAD9 Expression in Human Prostate Normal and Cancer Tissue
Aiping Zhu, Xia Zhang, Xiangyuan Wang, Harshwardhan M Thaker, Mahesh M Mansukhani and Howard B Lieberman

Mrad9B Is Essential for Early Development
Kevin M Hopkins, Xiangyuan Wang, Corinne Leloup, Aiping Zhu, Debra J Wolgemuth and Howard B Lieberman

Regulation of Gene Expression in Response to 1Gev 56Fe Ions
Sally A Amundson and Jaeyong Ahn

The Complete Nucleotide Sequence of Chinese Hamster (Cricetulus griseus) Mitochondrial DNA
Michael A Partridge, Mercy M Davidson and Tom K Hei

Low LET Radiation Induced DNA Double Strand Break Signaling and Repair in Human 3D Skin Model System: Role of PI-3 Kinase-Like Kinases
Yanrong Su, Jarah A Meador and Adayabalam S Balajee

Gene Expression in Human Breast Epithelial Cells Altered by a Pesticide and Estrogen
Gloria M Calaf, Debasish Roy and Tom K Hei

Cellular Studies [PDF]

Arsenic Induced Mitochondrial DNA Damage and Altered Mitochondrial Oxidative Function: Implication for Genotoxic Mechanism in Mammalian Cells
Michael A Partridge, Sarah XL Huang, Evelyn Hernandez-Rosa, Mercy M Davidson and Tom K Hei

Immortalization of Primary Human Prostate Epithelial Cells by Telomerase
Yongliang Zhao, Genze Shao, Gloria J Baker, Adayabalam S Balajee and Tom K Hei

Immortalized Human Small Airway Epithelial Cells Transformed by Arsenic in Vitro
Gengyun Wen, Gloria M Calaf, Michael A Partridge, Yongliang Zhao, Xuelian S Huang, Yunfei Chai and Tom K Hei

Intrachromosomal Deletions Induced by Chrysotile in the gpt delta Transgenic Mutation Assay
An Xu, Lubomir B Smilenov and Tom K Hei

Genotoxicity of Nanoparticles
An Xu and Tom K Hei

Luciferase Assay to Detect Base Excision Repair in Vivo in Mouse ES Cells Differing in Mrad9 Status
Kevin M Hopkins and Howard B Lieberman

Population-Based Radiology or Radiotherapy Oriented Studies [PDF]

Protons and the Risk of Second Cancers
Eric J Hall and David J Brenner

Potential Risks of Radiation-Induced Breast Cancer with Different Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Techniques
Sandra A Russo, Cheng-Shie Wuu, Andy Xu, Carl D Elliston and David J Brenner

Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Leukemia at Radiotherapeutic Doses
Igor Shuryak, Rainer K Sachs, Lynn Hlatky, Mark Little, Philip Hahnfeldt and David J Brenner

A Comparison of Mantle vs Involved-field Radiotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: Reduction in Normal Tissue Dose and Second Cancer Risk
Eng-Siew Koh, Tu Huan Tran, Mostafa Heydarian, Rainer Sachs, Richard Tsang, David J Brenner, Melania Pintilie, Tony Xu, June Chung, Narinder Paul and David Hodgson

Automated Robotic System for High-Throughput Radiation Biodosimetry
Anubha Bhatla, Jian Zhang, Alessio Salerno, Nabil Simaan and Lawrence Y Yao

Developing High-Throughput Imaging Systems for Biodosimetry
Guy Garty, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, Oleksandra V Lyulko and David J Brenner

Ex vivo Gene Induction for Development of Radiation Biodosimetry Profiles
Sunirmal Paul and Sally A Amundson

Lymphocyte-based Biodosimetric Assays for Robotic Handling
Giuseppe Schettino, Aparajita Dutta, Guy Garty and David J Brenner

Podcasting Information in the Radiological Sciences to Health Care Professionals
Carl D Elliston, David J Brenner, Nitin Gumaste, John Zimmerman and Eric J Hall

The Radiological Research Accelerator Facility an NIH-Supported Resource Center [PDF]
Dir, David J Brenner, PhD, DSc; Assoc Dir Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, PhD; Mnger, Stephen A Marino, MS

The Radiation Safety Office [PDF]


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