Susan Klepper, Ph.D., PT

Assistant Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine
(Program in Physical Therapy)
Ph.D., Pediatric Physical Therapy, Hahnemann University
M.S. , Pediatric Physical Therapy, Hahnemann University
B.S., Physical Therapy, St. Louis University
Professional Expertise
Pediatrics with an emphasis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and other rheumatic diseases of childhood, childhood obesity, physical activity, exercise, and fitness in children.

Honors and Awards
Dissertation Award, American Physical Therapy Association, Section on Pediatrics

Research Interests
Motor proficiency and physical function in children with and without JIA and the effects of physical conditioning in children with JIA

Self-paced walk test scores as measures of functional exercise capacity in healthy children and children with impaired mobility

Usefulness of exercise videos for children with arthritis

Teaching Responsibilities
PT Management of Pediatric Conditions I and II (with Dr. Debra Krasinski)
Advanced Topics in Pediatrics (with Dr. Debra Krasinski)
Capstone Project advisement in pediatrics and arthritis

Scholarly Productivity
Recent Publications

Klepper S. (2011) Measures of Pediatric Function. Arthritis Care Res. In Press

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Book Chapters
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Grant Activity
Effects of a 12-week physical conditioning program on gross motor skills, aerobic endurance, physical function, and quality of life in children with chronic arthritis. Arthritis Foundation, 2002-05.

Effects of eight-week exercise program on motor skills, function, and pain in children with rheumatic disease. Section on Pediatrics, American Physical Therapy Association, 2001.

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