Assistant Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine
(Program in Physical Therapy) Co-Director of Clinical Education

PhD Research and Education in Health Science, Touro University International
MHS Orthopedic Manual Therapy/Sports Medicine, University of Indianapolis
BS Physical Therapy, Stony Brook University
BS Psychology/Biology, Stony Brook University

Professional Expertise
Clinical Education
Credentialed Clinical Instructor

Research Interests

Educational Technology- Simulated Health Environments
Educational Research
Evaluation and Management of Orthopedic Conditions

Teaching Responsibilities

Concepts in Therapeutic Exercise
PT Management of Orthopedic Conditions (with Dr. Gargiulo and Dr. Schneider)
Physical Modalities
Pharmacology (Coordinator)
Capstone Project Advisement
Coordination of the Clinical Education Program with Dr. Laurel Daniels
• Abbruzzese and Dr. Randy Kolodny
   - Clinical Seminars
   - Clinical Education I and II
   - Internship

Scholarly Productivity
Recent Publications

Timmerberg, J., Edmond, S., Bagce, H., Tunik, E. Variability of force, displacement, and orientation of the hand during simulated joint mobilizations performed by skilled physical therapists. Platform Presentation. New Jersey & New York Physical Therapy Joint Conference. Atlantic City, NJ, October , 2010.

Latz, R., Bercher, S., Scoville, C., Timmerberg, J., Vreeman, D., Chong, A. Expert Panel: The Effect of Technology on Vision 2020: The train is leaving the station and we are asking you to please get on NOW. Platform Presentation. Combined Section Meeting, American Physical Therapy Association, February 2010.

Timmerberg, J., Huhn, K, Schwartz, J, McDonough, A. Is the Nintendo Wii an Effective Intervention for Fall Prevention in the Elderly? Poster presentation. Annual Conference, American Physical Therapy Association, June 2009.


Title: The use of biofeedback to augment the acquisition of skills in performing joint mobilization techniques among Physical Therapy students.

Sponsor: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-School of Health Related Professions Education Grant

Role: Co-Investigator