Tuition & Cost of Attendance for 2014-15 academic year

Tuition is paid in July and December and is payable in U.S. dollars to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev by check or wire transfer to the university’s account in New York. Upon acceptance, a $300 deposit is required to confirm one’s decision to enroll. A general outline of annual costs is provided in the table below.

Estimated First-Year Medical Student Cost of Attendance 2014-15

Health Insurance Fees (1)


International travel


Miscellaneous expenses
Local travel
Housing (2)
Building maintenance fees
Groceries/meals (3)
Estimated annual cost of attendance

(all costs are subject to change)

(1) Rates are higher for students 29 and older. All students must carry full comprehensive health insurance and personal accident insurance in terms specified by Ben-Gurion University while they are enrolled in the Medical School for International Health. Before enrolling, students are required to present proof of enrollment in a health insurance policy approved by BGU that includes hospitalization, health and accident coverage, coverage of one’s pre-existing conditions, if any, and repatriation. Students lacking proof of coverage will not be permitted to register or attend classes.

It is not the responsibility of the MSIH, nor is it the responsibility of Ben-Gurion University, to provide health insurance policy coverage, funding for health expenses, or to secure health insurance coverage for students who are unable to secure health insurance due to pre-existing conditions or who are dropped by their insurance carriers after enrollment.

The policy used by most MSIH students is administered by Harel Insurance Company and is annually renewable for the duration of medical studies. Spouses and children of enrolled students may also apply for health insurance coverage provided by Harel. Other University-approved insurance companies are also acceptable.

Proof of health insurance coverage must be received at least ten days prior to departure to Israel. Proof of health insurance coverage is a valid insurance card from an existing policy that shows the student’s name, policy number, dates of coverage, and carrier name, or a completed enrollment form for a University-approved carrier and a copy of the check for the policy premium dated ten days prior to departure for Israel.

(2) Estimated housing expenses are based on average costs for two students sharing a two-bedroom apartment. Students who live alone, or those with families, should expect higher average monthly housing expenses.

(3) All amounts vary depending on individual lifestyles. Students with special dietary needs and those who plan to dine out frequently should budget additional funds.

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