Admissions Process

Applications can be requested by email to, or downloaded from this website. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning June 1st for admission to the following year’s class. An application fee of $95 US must accompany all applications, in check or money order form, made out to AABGU or American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Applicants will be notified by email upon receipt of the completed application, fee, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores. If notification of a completed application is not received within sixty days of the preliminary processing, applicants should contact the Admissions Office in New York. The Committee will only evaluate completed applications; i.e. those that include the application, fee, recommendation letters, MCAT and TOEFL scores (or alternative equivalents), and transcripts.

Consistent with our policy with respect to student privacy, the Admissions Office does not release admissions information to anyone other than the applicant, unless the student has consented to release this information to pre-health advisors on his/her application. Students may contact the Admissions Office by phone or email for information on the status of their applications. We cannot respond to inquiries by family members and friends. To maintain student privacy, the Admissions Office does not include social security numbers provided on student applications in our computer databases.

The Admissions Committee invites applicants it is seriously considering for acceptance for a series of personal interviews. Applicants are interviewed in the MSIH's admissions office in New York. The Admissions Committee may also arrange interviews in Israel at Ben-Gurion University for applicants who are traveling to Israel or reside abroad.

Applicants are notified of admissions decisions throughout the year. Admission may not be deferred for ANY reason. Students who are unable to join the entering class to which they have been admitted may re-apply the following year and will be evaluated with that year’s applicant pool. Applicants who are not accepted or who withdraw acceptance may re-apply for admission ONLY ONCE.

Accepted applicants have four weeks after being accepted to secure their place in the class. To do so, they must send a non-refundable deposit of $300 US by check or international wire transfer to confirm their intention to enroll. 

Please note the following dates: May 15, 2015 deadline for forms for entering class of 2019, July 2015 Group flight, 2nd week of July, date TBA, and Summer Orientation, 3rd week of July, date TBA

We will provide names and email addresses of MSIH alumni and/or students to applicants who have been offered admission. After acceptance to the Medical School for International Health, students may participate in conference calls so they (and family members) can speak with enrolled students and staff.


Accepted applicants to the Medical School for International Health must submit passport information and personal data in order to receive appropriate documentation to obtain a student visa, which is granted by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior, and required for the duration of study in Israel.  Click here for the Israel Embassy and Consulate Directory.

Intensive Hebrew Instruction before the required Orientation is highly recommended.  Students who are interested in such programs should ask the MSIH's admissions office in New York for information on language programs when confirming their acceptance.

At present the Medical School for International Health does not require an accepted applicant to submit a criminal background report as a condition of enrollment.  All prospective medical students should be aware, however, that in consideration of the welfare and safety of patients, health professionals working in the U.S. are increasingly required to complete criminal background screenings. A criminal background check may be required at various times throughout one's medical education and career.

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