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Classes begin formally on Sunday, July 20nd, 2014. In the past, students were advised to arrive just a few days before studies begin. Having surveyed recent classes, we now recommend that incoming students arrive one to two weeks earlier to have some time to adapt to their new environment and familiarize themselves with the university. If possible, we encourage students to arrive in mid-July, but if schedules do not permit early arrival, students may arrive the Thursday before classes start. Students are not advised to arrive on Saturday (Shabbat), in light of limited transportation and accommodations on the Sabbath.

Students usually find comfortable accommodations at either of two well-known Beer-Sheva establishments. The Leonardo Hotel is relatively expensive, although MSIH students can get the university price of about 450 NIS per night if they book their reservation through the MSIH office at BGU once their acceptance is confirmed. Avia Hashofet, university guest rooms in dormitories, offer a less expensive option that is available one week before classes begin (see http://web2.bgu.ac.il/global/Hospitality/Pages/Housing.html) and is open to accepted students. This, too, may be reserved through the MSIH office.

There is no on-campus housing for graduate students at Ben-Gurion University. Medical students live in rented apartments or houses, a plentiful supply of which may be obtained at reasonable rents in areas within walking distance of the Ben-Gurion University campus.

A wide variety of accommodations is available to meet the needs of single students living alone, students with roommates, married students with children and those with pets. Please note that students traveling with pets are responsible for arranging kennel services for the period they are in temporary housing during the summer orientation.

Once you are ready to look for more permanent housing, our student liaisons can help incoming students with apartment hunting and review of leases. Ultimate responsibility for arranging housing and lease payments, however, is solely that of each individual student.


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