Sites outside of Israel and North America with which MSIH has signed an MOU include these
three clinical sites in India.


Christian Medical College and Hospital
Students learn how to promote community health and provide primary medical care with limited resources in a rural setting. Health concerns like community based rehabilitation, nutritional deficiencies, AIDS
prevention, and life expectancy indicators.

















Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Sevagram is a small village in central India where Gandhi decided to settle, naming the town “village of service” in 1940. The Institute is the first rural medical college in India. Students follow the Gandhian principals of service to the poor while working with the underserved rural population.



St. John’s Medical College
Its mission is to serve the poor, and students will be exposed to a large variety of
traditional as well as tropical and other medical conditions. Students will gain insight in treating underserved people in a society with limited resources, and take a one-month rotation in a community health center.


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