Second Year


BGU MSIH Medical School for International Health


In the second year, application of basic medical science is expanded and integrated with pathophysiology and early clinical studies through the study of the body systems. Anatomy and embryology are taught in coordination with the body systems. Teaching methods include lectures, laboratories, seminars and self-study. Early clinical exposure, health promotion, community aspects and international medicine are incorporated in the studies.


Click the photo above to see a video of a "Day in the LIfe" of a second-year medical student at the MSIH, in this video released in April 2013.  Adie Kalansky, who graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara, is the 2012-13 MSIH Student Council president, and we follow her throughout one day of her life during her second year of medical school.

The Clinical Communication Skills course in Year II prepares students for clinical rotations. This course starts with several sessions in English on how to take a medical history and present a patient. These are followed by similar lessons in Hebrew. The remainder of the course consists of interviewing patients on hospital wards in Hebrew, with emphasis on developing both Hebrew language and medical history taking skills.


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