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YOU ARE NOT ALONE is a program that provides support to patients undergoing cancer treatement at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. All volunteers of the You Are Not Alone program are cancer survivors who understand the difficulties that often accompany cancer treatments. Because they have been through this experience, they are committed to assisting others who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The volunteers of You are Not Alone can accompany cancer patients through all stages of their treatment. As cancer survivors, they seek to comfort cancer patients, provide them with information, or simply help them pass the time.

Cancer patients can use the sevices of You Are Not Alone as much or as little as they want.


You Are Not Alone volunteers can provide needed support to cancer patients by:

Sitting with patients during chemotherapy treatment to talk, play cards, read, or just be there.

Waiting with patients before radiation treatment.

Visiting patients in the hospital before and after surgery or treatment.

Meeting patients at the doctor's office.

Talking with patients over the phone to offer emotional and informational support.


You Are Not Alone seeks to pair patients with volunteers who:

Have already completed a similar cancer treatment.

Are the same age, diagnosis, and/or gender.

Have used complementary/alternative treatments for cancer (if patient desires such experience)

To reach a You Are Not Alone volunteer, please call 212-305-9700, enter the (*) sign, and, when asked to indicate the desired address, enter 80099. Please leave:

Your name

Telephone number


Your requirements for a partner (for example, age, diagnosis, and/or gender)

Your call is important and will be returned promptly.