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The Mesothelioma / Sarcoma web site is intended for informational purposes and is not a substitute for medical care or treatment by a qualified professional. The documents contained in the web site may be retained for personal or educational use. Information should not be edited or modified. Any resale, or redistribution of all or portions of the information is not permitted without consent of the web page publisher.

These Mesothelioma Web Pages are intended for patients with mesothelioma, the relatives and friends of mesothelioma patients, mesothelioma care-givers and others interested in mesothelioma. The information presented includes: General definitions of mesothelioma; different types and clinical course of mesothelioma including mesothelioma of pleural and peritoneal cavities, miscellaneous mesotheliomas; how mesothelioma is diagnosed; determining location and spread of mesothelioma; surgical treatment of mesothelioma; radiotherapy for mesothelioma; and chemotherapy for advanced mesothelioma. The resources available for management of mesothelioma at Columbia University's Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center include a guide to conventional mesothelioma therapy and new experimental treatment options for mesothelioma; pain and symptom control in mesothelioma, and psychosocial support for mesothelioma patients. This mesothelioma website is evolving, and we would appreciate suggestions for making it more available and useful.