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A series of educational classes for people facing cancer. The eight-session course is designed for people with cancer and those close to them. It provides information about cancer diagnosis and treatment and offers practical help in coping with some of the emotional issues resulting from a cancer diagnosis.


To assist participants in coping with various aspects of the cancer experience by providing relevant knowledge and enhancing the skills needed for self-care.


Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center Clark Conference Center, 1st Floor


Tuesday, March 24th, 6-8 PM
Tuesday, March 31st, 6-8 PM
Tuesday, April 7th, 6-8 PM
Tuesday, April 14th, 6-8 PM
Tuesday, April 21st, 6-8 PM
Tuesday, April 28th, 6-8 PM
Tuesday, May 5th, 6-8 PM
Monday, May 11th, 6-8 PM


The course is facilitated by health professionals and draws on the expertise of local cancer care professionals. The usual format consists of eight two-hour sessions. Classes include information about cancer and its treatment, medical terminology, managing symptoms and side effects, communication, well-being (diet, stress, exercise) and locating community resources.


The New York City Unit of the American Cancer Society and The Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.


I Can Cope is a program of the American Cancer Society. It was developed in Minnesota by Judi Johnson, RN, Ph.D. and Patricia Norby, RN. The program has been taught in nearly every state since 1977. During 1991-1993 the curriculum was evaluated and extensively revised by a committee of ACS professional volunteers.