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Tyler Brown, MD

Tyler is from Reno, NV, majored in chemistry at Princeton University, and completed his medical degree at Johns Hopkins. Before medical school, he provided technical support for community health worker training and malaria control programs in eastern Burma. He was a 2013-2014 Howard Hughes Medical Research Fellow, studying the genetic epidemiology and evolution of drug resistance in malaria, and interned with an MSF-led pediatric tuberculosis program in Tajikistan. He is interested in HIV primary care, infectious disease epidemiology, and community-based health service delivery in resource-limited settings.

Kaylan Christianer, MD

Kaylan is from California, and studied Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, and Art History and UC Davis, and medical school at Cornell. During medical school, her research interests have focused on geriatrics and palliative care, specifically symptom management in end stage renal disease. She has also been a leader of the student run free clinic, mentored high school students, and supported fellow women in medicine and students interested in geriatrics.

Cecilia Fix, MD

Cecilia is from the Washington, DC area and completed her undergraduate degree from Columbia in Comparative Literature, a post-bac from UVA, and medical school at Columbia. Cecilia worked at NIMH in a community based family study of affective spectrum disorders. During medical school, Cecilia completed a scholarly project interviewing patients in the primary care setting on health care and migration decisions for patients from the Dominican Republic. She has also been involved in medical education as a facilitator in the Foundations of Clinical Medicine course.

Jude Fleming, MD

Jude is originally from North Carolina and has also lived in the Hudson Valley for some time. She completed the PLME 8-year medical program at Brown University and studied Neuroscience as well as French and Italian language in undergrad. During medical school, Jude’s research included the diagnosis and treatment of food allergy, eosinophilic esophagitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and asthma. She completed a Medical Education scholarly concentration during medical school and had the opportunity to design her own course on teaching medical topics to patients which is still ongoing. Through this concentration, Jude has taught various medical school sessions and been involved with the medical school’s tutoring programs. Although she would like to pursue a career in Gastroenterology, Jude envisions her career including a mix of clinical work, medical education, and clinical research at an academic center.

Brian Wayda, MD, MPH

Brian has worked for the Clinton Foundation in Mozambique and South Africa, conducting research and policy analyses to inform healthcare delivery, with a focus on malaria and HIV/AIDS. During medical school, he co-led a pilot project using SMS for vaccine promotion in India and consulted on the rollout of point-of-care HIV diagnostics in Mozambique. At Yale's Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, he is currently studying the causes of cardiovascular health disparities and is interested in the use of large databases and novel analytical approaches in clinical research. Brian completed his BS (Physics and Economics), MPH, and MD degrees at Yale University.

Maya Vankineni, MD

Maya is from Alabama, and studied Anthropology and Human Biology at Emory, and completed her medical school at University of Alabama. During college Maya was an All-American athlete in both soccer and tennis.  During medical school her scholarly activity has focused on professionalism and humanism in medicine. She has been active in connecting fellow medical students to faculty mentors and creating learning communities, as well as outreach to local schools for sports physicals.


Sabrina Gard, MD, MPH

Sabrina is from Staten Island, and completed her undergraduate in Biomedical Sciences at CUNY, medical school at NYU, and an MPH at University of California, Berkley.  During college and medical school, she volunteered and interned at community health clinics in the Bronx, and served as a tutor and mentor to high school students. Her interest in public health led her to pursue her MPH, focusing on the health disparity in rates of HIV in Black MSM. She also worked on a community organizing project for environmental justice in West Oakland.
Stephanie Reiff, MD

Stephanie is originally from Illinois, and completed her undergraduate in Psychology at Amherst College, and medical school at Emory. Her undergraduate thesis focused on cognition and way-finding, and she contributed to a research project on wait times in the Mt. Sinai ER. During medical school, she worked in clinical research in orthopedics, helped to plan and execute a surgical trip to Haiti, and is currently finishing a research project on the ethical and emotional factors for medical students being involved with CPR in the hospital in order to contribute to curriculum in this area. 


Akash Goel, MD

While working for the William J. Clinton Foundation, Akash led the launch of India's national Second Line ARV drug program that currently provides life saving medication to thousands of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Akash has also worked for The Boston Consulting Group, Rabin Martin, CNN's Medical News Unit, the New York City Department of Health, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Akash is currently an MD Candidate at the University of Michigan and a graduate of Harvard College. His research interests are in population health, private sector engagement, pharma R&D strategy, and medical technology. Akash is a member of the New York Academy of Medicine and SHOPS' Private Sector Working Group.

Andrew Goldstein, MD, MPH

Andrew grew up in the Philadelphia area and attended Princeton University for college, Mount Sinai School of Medicine for his MD, and Harvard University as a Reynolds Fellow for his MPH. He is passionate about ecosystem approaches to social change, and is focused on healthcare delivery improvement, global health, and social entrepreneurship. His recent work has consisted of strategic planning and program development with the Millennium Villages, CRHP in Jamkhed, GHEC, Sana Mobile, and Tiyatien Health. Andrew is the founder of the Frontline Health Worker Network, which aims to help the community health worker sector with knowledge dissemination, networking, and collective action.

Daniel Henderson, MD, MPH

Dan is from Cheshire, CT, studied Biochemistry at Trinity College and medicine at the University of Connecticut. During medical school, he took a year off to serve as the AMSA Health Justice fellow in Washington, DC, and complete an MPH at Harvard in Health Policy and Management. His research interests are in quality and safety, access and the medical home, and health informatics.

Amanda Ramsdell, MD

Amanda is from Washington, DC, studied Chemistry at Columbia Univeristy, and is finishing her MD at Columbia. Prior to medical school, Amanda served as a high school science teacher in Kenya in the Peace Coprs. In medical school, Amanda has been a leader of the COSMO student clinic and is interested in curriculum development.

Kelly Schoenbeck, MD

Kelly is from Portland, OR, and studied psychology and political science at Washington Univeristy, and Medicine at Oregon Health and Science. Prior to medical school she worked in research involving PDA reminders for weight loss in veterans. During medical school she worked with the student free clinic, led an interest group in geriatrics and palliative care, and continue research in electronic reminders for chronic health conditions.
Rahul Vanjani, MD, MSc

Rahul is originally from Virginia and studied economics and biology at McGill University and then George Washington University. He completed his MSc in Immunology at the University of Oxford and his MD at George Washington University. As a medical student, he served as co-founder and co-director of the student-run clinic, investigated the determinants of non-adherence among HIV-positive District residents and developed an interest in promoting sustainable, interdisciplinary development in underserved areas. 

Amanda Westlake, MD

Amanda grew up in Rhode Island and studied English and French at Wesleyan University.  After college, Amanda worked for the NYC Department of Housing, advocating for low-income tenants at risk of eviction and later as a case manager at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.  She completed the post-baccalaureate premedical program at Goucher College before returning home for medical school at Brown University where she cultivated a passion for health literacy and geriatrics.








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