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Generalist/Primary Care Curriculum
In addition to the Categorical Ambulatory Care Curriculum


Introduction to the Clinical Practice of Primary Care Medicine
Systems Based Practice for the Clinic
Practical Use of Evidence Based Medicine in Primary Care Practice
Community Medicine for Washington Heights/Inwood
Motivational Interviewing
Introduction to Panel Management

Primary Care In Context: Local to National
Social Determinants of Health- Focus on Washington Heights and Inwood
Role of Primary Care in the US Health System
Basics of Medicaid/Medicare
Patient Centered Medical Home Model
Measuring Quality in Primary Care

Honing Primary Care Skills and Preparing for Transition
Evidence Based Hypertension Management
Review of the Musculoskeletal Exam
Practical Use of Antidepressants
Motivational Interviewing
Working with Difficult Patients
Panel Management- Transition
Team Based Care in Primary Care

Research Experiences

Residents are matched with a research mentor based on their individual interests. Research mentors often come from the Division of General Internal Medicine, but may also come from other Divisions of Medicine or the Mailman School of Public Health. Residents use elective time to work on research projects with their mentors.

Residents are encouraged to submit research projects for presentation at national meetings, particularly the Society of General Medicine, as well as the annual Columbia Community Medicine Forum (with Family Medicine and Community Pediatrics) and the Columbia Resident Research Day.

Weekly Division of General Internal Medicine Research Conference- Residents learn about research by Gen Med Fellows and Faculty, and have the opportunity to present their own research for feedback.

Ongoing Events

Monthly GPC Journal Club led by GPC residents

Invited Speakers in Primary Care topics in collaboration with Family Medicine and Community Pediatrics, 4 times/year

Weekly Division of General Internal Medicine Clinical Conferences

Monthly Narrative Medicine Conferences

Weekly Grand Rounds at the Mailman School of Public Health

Optional Elective Experiences

NYC Department of Health Elective

Private Practice Elective – Columbia Doctors

HIV Medicine

Dominican Republic Elective

Clinical rotations are available in any of the subspecialties of medicine, related fields such as gynecology, dermatology, neurology, orthopedics, etc.


Categorical Ambulatory Care Curriculum

: ½ day weekly continuity clinic + 1 month outpatient including:

Chronic Pain
Diabetes (3)
Smoking Cessation
Preventive Medicine
Domestic Abuse
Low Back Pain          
Cervical Cancer Screening
Renal Disease
Thyroid Disease
Practice Based EBM
Clinical Epidemiology
Didactic Clinical Sessions:
Rehab Medicine
Pulmonary Function Tests
Peripheral Arterial Disease

: ½ day weekly continuity clinic + 2 months outpatient including:

Weekly Outpatient Morning Report
Daily Specialist Rounds- outpatient cases discussed with invited specialists
Psychiatry Case Review
Diabetes Management Clinic
Hospital Discharge Clinic    
Walk-In Clinic
Home Visits
Thyroid Clinic
Health Systems Curriculum- 1 week course with faculty from Mailman School of Public Health

: ½ day weekly continuity clinic + 2 months outpatient including:

Dermatology Rounds
Diabetes Management Clinic
Pre-Operative Clinic
ER Follow Up Clinic
Psychiatry Case Review
Outpatient Morning Report Clinic Teaching Resident
Rheum/Arthritis Clinic
Musculoskeletal Clinic
Team Clinic Quality Improvement Project


Health Systems and Improvement Curriculum 2013-14
During the PGY2 year of residency

Topic Faculty  
Evolution of the US Health Insurance System; Health Care Reform
Health Economics
Legal Medicine and Public Health Law
Community Medicine - Washington Heights/Inwood
Medicaid Managed Care (nuts and bolts)
Physician as an Agent for Transformation and Innovation
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Information Technology
Michael Sparer, PhD, JD         
Bhaven Sampat, PhD     
M Schaler-Haynes, JD, MPH   
Maria Hamm de Miguel, MD     
Emily Goodwin, MBA  
Robert Sidelli, MD
Eliot Lazar, MD
Peter Stetson, MD       

HPM      Department of Health Policy and Management, Mailman School of Public Health
DoM      Department of Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons
NYPH     NewYork Presbyterian Hospital
ACN       Ambulatory Care Network, New York Presbyterian Hospital
P&S        College of Physicians and Surgeons
Ped        Department of Pediatrics, College of Physicians and Surgeons


GPC Curriculum
Primary Care Journal Club
Department of Health Elective
Dominican Republic Elective
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