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Name Post-Graduate Position


Barbara Taylor, MD

Chief Resident; Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Columbia

Jeff Farber, MD

Geriatrics & Adult Development Fellowship, Mt. Sinai

Joyce Jones, MD, MS 

Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research, Cornell

Sapana Shah, MD, MPH

Internal Medicine Primary Care, FQHC*


Susan Olender MD, MPH

HIV Clinical Scholars Fellowship, Columbia

Andrew Moran MD, MPH

General Medicine, Fellowship, UCSF

Candice Kwan MD

Senior Technical Officer, Family Health International

Lisa Hope MD

Internal Medicine Private Practice


Lisa Diamond MD, MPH

Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Fellow, Yale

Sadie Jimenez MD

Internal Medicine Primary Care, FQHC

Ravi Sharaf MD

Clinician-Educator, Columbia

Pedram Fatehi, MD

Nephrology Fellowship, Columbia


Sabeena Setia MD, MPH

Women’s Health, NYC Department of Health; Hospitalist Memorial Sloan Kettering

Yukmila Soriano MD

Clinician-Educator, Division of General Medicine, Einstein

Jennifer Downs, MD

Fellow, Infectious Diseases, Cornell

Aluko Hope MD

Fellow, Div. of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Mt. Sinai


John Dodson MD

Cardiology Fellowship, Yale

Jonathan Newman MD, MPH

Chief Resident; Cardiology Fellowship, Columbia

Jennifer Lai MD

Gastroenterology Fellowship, UCSF

Jamuna Karkhanis MD

Gastroenterology Fellowship, Montefiore


Kelly Kyanko MD

Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, Yale

Maya Vijayaraghavan MD

General Medicine Fellowship, UCSF

Maria Hamm MD

Chief Resident; Clinician-Educator, Columbia

Phillip Coffin MD

Infectious Diseases Fellowship, University of Washington


Rhea Powell, MD, MPH

General Medicine Fellowship, Columbia

Jessica Singer, MD, MPH

General Medicine Fellowship, Columbia

David Sears, MD

Infectious Diseases Fellowship, UCSF

Carrie Aaron, MD

Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship, Columbia University


Janina Morrison, MD, MPH

NYC Department of Health Preventive Medicine Residency

Gloria Fung Chow, MD

Clinician-Educator, Partners In Health, Rwanda


Joshua Schulman-Marcus, MD

Cardiology Fellowship, Mt. Sinai

Daniel Turner-Lloveras, MD

Primary Care Internal Medicine, FQHC*

2013 Eloise Austin, MD Infectious Disease Fellowship, Columbia
Jonathan Dick, MD Clinician-Educator, AMPATH Consortium, El Duret Kenya
Samreen Hasan, MD MPH Private Practice Internal Medicine, NYC
Kinjal Patel, MD Nephrology Fellowship, MGH
2014 Kellie Hawkins, MD, MPH ID Fellowship, University of Colorado
Laura Frado, MD GI fellowship, University of Rochester
Edward Lee, MD Academic Hospitalist, UCLA
Bryan McColgan, MD Endocrinology Fellowship, Stanford University
2015 Amanda Westlake, MD ID Fellowship, Brigham/MGH
Amanda Ramsdell, MD Academic Hospitalist, NYPH-Cornell
Kelly Schoenbeck, MD Academic Hospitalist, UCSF
Rahul Vanjani, MD Primary Care, San Quentin State Prison, CA
Andrew Goldstein, MD, MPH

Academic Primary Care, NYU-Bellevue
CUMC Bioinformatics Fellowship

Daniel Henderson, MD Private Practice Internal Medicine, MGH
Akash Goel, MD, MPH GI Fellowship, University of Miami

*Federally Qualified Health Center

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