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Residents have the option during their three years to participate in an elective at the NYC Department of Health.  The NYC DOH is the most active and  innovative department in the country, with extensive programs and clinics for public health.  Residents can choose an area of interest, such as HIV/TB, STDs, Chronic Disease Management, Cardiovascular Disease, Nutrition and Physical Activity, etc.  The resident is matched with a mentor at the DOH and works with a team on DOH projects. This rotation is a great opportunity to think about health at a population level, to see first hand the workings of a department of health, and to learn more about the health of our community outside the hospital and clinic. For helpful websites, go to the Websites of Interest page.

Previous Columbia Resident DOH Rotations include:


Edward Lee, PGY1, Reaching Underserved Ethnic Communities to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening
Mentors: Mari Carlesimo and Anafidelia R. Tavares, MD, MPH


Natalie Moise, PGY2, Cardiovascular impact of diabetes
Mentor: Chadi Shamany
Lauren Browne, PGY1,  Impact of farmer’s markets on nutrition in NYC
Mentor: Dr. Cathy Nonas


Kinjal Patel, Samreen Hasan, PGY1, and Jen Camacho PGY2: Feasibility and impact of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Mentor: Anne Rapin

Matt Czaja, PGY1, Prevalance of LGV in NYC STD clinics
Mentor: Dr. Anne Lifflander

Janina Morrison, PGY2: Impact of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Mentor: Dr. Sonia Angell

2007, 2008: 

Kelly Kyanko, PGY2, 3: Review of evidence for cardiac rehab and provider education regarding cardiac rehab
Mentor: Dr. Sonia Angell


Yukmila Soriano, PGY2: Asthma Prevention in Harlem
Mentor: Dr. Andrew Goodman

Douglas Koo, PGY2 : Evidence review of HIV pre-test  counseling and MDR TB
Bureau of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Control

List Hope, PGY2: Attitudes and knowledge of 4th year medical students on smoking cessation
Bureau of Tobacco Control



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