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Division of General Medicine
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We offer a two-year post-doctoral Fellowship program in General Internal Medicine. We believe that fostering the development of the future generation of leaders in General Internal Medicine is of the greatest importance to the national agenda to achieve excellence in primary care and generalist medicine. The goal of our fellowship program is to train future leaders in academic primary care. Building on existing degree programs at Columbia, our fellowship offers a choice of emphasis in the following areas: epidemiology, health services research, geriatrics, nutrition, or health education.

Our fellowship program is funded by the Health Resources Services Agency to provide primary care fellowship training jointly with the Division of General Pediatrics and the Center for Family Medicine. We offer training opportunities in all three disciplines. Our program is open to physicians in these primary care disciplines as well as to non-MD PhDs with training in primary care-relevant research disciplines. The primary care fellowship program at CUMC is directed by Drs. Steven Shea (General Medicine), Melissa Stockwell (General Pediatrics), and Richard Young (Family Medicine).


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