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The MESA Lung/SHARe Study

The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) and MESA-Family Study performed cardiac computed tomography (CT) scans for 6,814 participants age 45-84 years free of clinical cardiovascular disease and 595 families (2077 participants). The MESA Family Study performed linkage studies for subclinical atherosclerosis. The MESA Lung Study measured and validated quantitative emphysema phenotypes on the lung regions of cardiac CT scans for 3,965 MESA participants. The MESA Lung/SHARe study therefore measured quantitative emphysema phenotypes on cardiac CT scans for the other 2,579 MESA participants and 2,077 MESA Family Study participants and utilized existing genome-wide linkage and GWAS data among 595 families of African and Hispanic ancestry and 6,544 participants of African, Hispanic, European or Chinese ancestry to conduct statistical genetic analysis of: 1) family-based linkage and GWAS for quantitative emphysema phenotypes in the MESA-Family Study and 2) GWAS analyses for quantitative emphysema phenotypes in the MESA cohort before and after stratification by smoking history.

The MESA SHARe Study

The MESA SHARe Study genotyped all consenting participants in the MESA, MESA-Family Study and MESA-Air Pollution Study with the Affymetrix 6.0 chip for genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Details are at the MESA SHARe Study website and are on dbGaP.

The MESA Lung/SHARe Study, as part of MESA, has extensive genotypic information including (c.2012):

Genome-wide genoyping (Affymetric 6.0 with HapMap I/II imputation and 1,000 genomes)
IBC candidate gene chip
Copy number variants
Exome chip
Sequencing (subset of cases, controls)
Monocyte methylation and gene expression (subset)


MESA Lung Study
MESA Lung SHARe Study
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