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General Medicine Division Conference Schedule, 2015-2016

Atchley-Loeb Conference Room, PH 8 East 107
Fridays, 8:00 am to 9:00 am





9/18/2015 Dr. Garrett Lawlor Update in IBD
9/25/2015 Dr. Schwartz Update in Oncology: new therapeutics and advancements in the field
10/2/2015 Joint Divisional Conference TBD
10/9/2015 Dr. Robert Brown Hepatitis Update
10/16/2015 Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl CRC screening
10/23/2015 Dr. Utpal Pavjani Newer DM2 meds and a case-based discussion of their use
10/30/2015 Dr. Rhea Powell A multidisciplinary approach to improving pain management and utilization patterns among patients with sickle cell disease
11/6/2015 Dr. Nina Patel Advancements in ILD therapy
11/13/2015 Dr. Henry Ginsberg Update in Lipid Therapies
11/20/2015 Dr. Charles Halasz Advanced Dermatology for the PMD: rashes of systemic disease, drug rashes, and when to refer
12/4/2015 Dr. Bill Bulman Lung cancer screening
12/11/2015 Dr. Andrew Bomback Review: treatment of HTN in CKD
12/18/2015 Dr. Nancy Chang PIC Faculty Development
1/8/2015 Dr. Andrew Moran SPRINT review
1/15/2016 Joint Divisional Conference:
Dr. Jason Adelman
Wrong Patient Errors
1/22/2016 Dr. Jennifer Kuo Management of Thyroid Nodules
1/29/2016 Drs. Shea/Barr/Singer ACN: DSRIP, ACO, etc.
2/5/2016 Dr. Ian Kronish Ambulatory BP monitoring
2/12/2016 Dr. Ravi Shah Collaborative Psychiatric and Primary Care: review of evidence and cases
2/19/2016 Dr. Howard Julien Appropriate Cardiac Testing
2/26/2016 Samantha Stonbraker Health Literacy in the Spanish Community

Joint Divisional Conference:
Dr. Carrie Aaron

Presentation of research
3/11/2016 Dr. Jai Radhakrishnan Diabetic Nephropathy
3/18/2016 Dr. Jasmin Roohi Clinical Genetics
3/25/2016 Drs. Scharle/Barr/Shea  
4/1/2016 Cancelled due to SGIM
4/8/2016 Dr. Joyeeta Dastidar Presentation on research
4/15/2016 Dr. Sharon Rikin Presentation on research
4/22/2016 Dr. Elizabeth Oelsner TBD
4/29/2016 Dr. Matthew Rutman BPH
5/6/2016 Dr. Maria De Miguel Dept Educational Initiatives
5/13/2016 Caroline Carneval & Billy PrEP
5/20/2016 Dr. Daniel Griffin OPD ID
5/27/2016 Dr. Bani Roland GERD

Joint Divisional Conference:
Dr. Scott Stroup

Update in the use of antipsychotics
6/10/2016 Dr. Jamie Noble Dementia
6/17/2015 TBD TBD
6/24/2016 TBD TBD
9/9/2016 Joint Divisional Conference: Kasia Lipska (Yale) TBD
12/2/1016 Joint Divisional Conference TBD


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