From:                                         Teller, Alan []

Sent:                                           Friday, September 03, 2010 10:32 AM

To:                                               cuhs-irb@CUMC.COLUMBIA.EDU

Subject:                                     RASCAL 3.0 Upgrade


In the recent RASCAL 3.0 system upgrade that went live over the 8/27-8/30 weekend, RASCAL upgraded its database from Sybase to Oracle.   Among the changes that were made with this upgrade were:


·         The study “Title” field was increased from 250 to 500 characters.

·         File limitations were implemented on all Attached Documents.

o   File Size: The maximum file size for attached documents is now 75mb.

o   Document Type:  For security reasons, and to allow future .pdf manipulations that will enhance future RASCAL improvements, RASCAL now limits the type of document that may be attached to a submission.  The following document types are currently allowed:

§  Microsoft Office Documents (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

§  Image files of the types:  png, tiff, jpeg

§  Pdf Files

§  Text files of the Forms: txt and rtf

o   Tips on limiting file size:  Instead of scanning a hard copy document, if you save the WORD document as a .pdf document instead of printing and scanning, the size of the file will be much smaller.


For computer assistance, please contact your IT department.  For RASCAL technical assistance, please contact the RASCAL Help Line at 212-851-0213.

For IRB Assistance, please contact the CUMC IRB at 212-305-5883 or the MS IRB at 212-851-7040.