P & S Club
What do you love to do? Roar down a rugby field or perhaps refine your golf swing? Attend a tasting of Merlot wines? Maybe you'd love to learn to tango, grab the spotlight in "A Chorus Line" or clown for sick kids at St. Luke's. Maybe work in the darkroom, tickle the ivories or just go for a run. Sound like fun? Welcome to the P&S Club!

On the Columbia University Health Sciences campus, you'll experience a philosophy of study that goes well beyond learning in the classroom. Part of your educational process involves pursuing creative interests outside your chosen discipline, and the P&S Club supports over fifty extra-curricular student activities clubs to that end.

Founded over one hundred years ago, the P&S Club also has a history of philanthropy and social activism. Clubs focused on international health, community education, and ethics provide numerous ways to get involved. And, of course, social clubs offer culinary delights, speakers, movies and many more ways to explore cultural diversity at P&S.

Enthusiasm, creativity and energy abound at the P&S Club. Each student's unique talents enrich the community and the P&S Club offers myriad opportunities to all students on the Health Sciences campus! GSAS students have participated in Bard Hall Players productions, the Photography Club, the Free Weight Club, the Musicians' Guild and the Social Dance Club, to name just a few.

For more information, please call Andrea Sturtevant, the Club's administrator, at 304-7025 or e-mail her at as2821@columbia.edu.

Upcoming events are posted on the bulletin board outside the P&S Club Office, on the first floor of Bard Hall, 50 Haven Avenue.

List of Current P&S Clubs
American Medical Association-Medical Student Section (AMA)
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
Bard Hall Players

Bedside at Babies
Black and Latino Student Organization (BALSO)
Bulls & Bears
Cancer Interest Group
Children's Players
Cinema Heights
Coffeehouse Cabaret
Columbia Christian Fellowship
Columbia Health Sciences Jewish Students Association
Columbia Medical Roadrunners
Community Health Education
Crescent Society
Culinary Clinic
Emergency Medicine Club
Ethics Club
Faith and Medicine Club
Family Medicine Interest Group
Free Weight Club
Golf Club
Health Policy Management Group
International Health Organization (IHO)
Kickball Society
Lambda Health Alliance
Medical Students for Choice
OB/GYN Interest Group
Outdoor Club
P&S Choir (co-ed)
P&S Medical Review
P&S Musicians' Guild
P&S Rhythm and Blues
Partners and Spouses of P&S
Pediatric Interest Group
Photography Club
Physicians for Human Rights
Physicians for a National Health Program
Reflexions (literary magazine)
REMEDY (Recovered Medical Equipment for Developing World)
Rugby Club
Soccer Club
Social Dance Club
Society of Bacchus (wine tasting)
South Asian Health Sciences Association (SAHSA)
Squash Club
Surgery Club
Tennis Club
Ultrasounds (male a capella singing group)
Visual Arts Club
Walker Percy Society (literary club)