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Chaolin Zhang Chaolin Zhang
Email: cz2294@columbia.edu
Phone: 212-305-9354
Location P&S Bldg., Rm. 4-448

We study how proteins and RNA interact to form regulatory networks in the mammalian nervous system at the mechanistic and systems level.  We are particularly interested in better understanding the roles of these post-transcriptional networks in the mammalian complexity manifested in evolutionary-developmental (evo-devo) processes and in neuronal disorders.  To approach these aims, we use a combination of biochemistry, molecular biology, and high-throughput quantitative and integrative approaches in mice as well as in in vitro systems.

Selected Publications

1. Darnell, J.C., Van Driesche, S.J., Zhang, C., Hung, K.Y.S., Mele, A., Fraser, C.E., Stone, E.F., Chen, C., Fak, J.J., Chi, S.W., Licatalosi, D.D., Richter, J.D., Darnell, R.B., 2011. FMRP stalls ribosomal translocation on mRNAs linked to synaptic function and autism. Cell, 146:247-261. 

2. Zhang, C. †, Darnell, R.B. † 2011. Mapping in vivo protein-RNA interactions at single-nucleotide resolution from HITS-CLIP data.  Nat. Biotech. 29:607-614. (†co-corresponding authors) 

3. Zhang, C. †, Frias, M.A., Mele, A., Ruggiu, M., Eom, T., Marney, C.B., Wang, H.,  Licatalosi, D.D., Fak, J.J., Darnell, R.B†. 2010. Integrative modeling defines the Nova splicing-regulatory network and its combinatorial controls. Science. 329: 439-443 (†co-corresponding authors). PMCID: PMC3412410 [Editor’s choice, Helen Pickersgill. Making the Final Cut. Sci. Signal. 3:ec234. DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.3132ec234.] 

4. Castle, J.C., Zhang, C., Shah, J.K., Kulkarni, A.V., Cooper, T.A., Johnson, J.M. 2008. Expression of 24,426 human alternative splicing events and predicted cis regulation in 48 tissues and cell lines. Nature Genet. 40:1416-1425. 

5. Zhang, C.*, Zhang, Z.*, Castle, J., Sun, S., Johnson, J., Krainer, A.R. and Zhang, M.Q. 2008. Defining the regulatory network of the tissue-specific splicing factors Fox-1 and Fox-2. Genes Dev. 22:2550-2563 (*joint first authors).