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  • Confocal Microscope Facility Page
  • The research facilities of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology include modern laboratories equipped with the latest instrumentation for all aspects of cell and molecular biological research. Some of these resources include an Imaging Facility which is equipped for scanning and transmission electron microscopy, phosphoimaging, as well as for fluorescence and confocal microscopy. The department maintains a spacious self-contained cell culture facility for growth, maintenance and analysis of cells. This facility has separate rooms with laminar flow hoods for sterile handling of cells as well as incubators for cell growth. Phase-contrast, fluorescence, bright-field and fluorescence microscopes are available for cell analysis. Facilities for growth of bacteria, yeast and other invertebrates are also available in the department. Other facilities are within easy access on the Health Sciences campus, including those for animal care, DNA synthesis and sequencing, peptide synthesis, protein sequencing, transgenic mice and flow cytometry.

    The library in the Hammer Health Sciences Building is a superb facility with an extensive collection including scientific journals and all of the periodicals necessary for scientific research. In addition, students have access to an extensive collection of rare books dating from the 18th century.

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