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The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology takes pride in the scientific education of its graduate students and aims to provide them with broad experience in cell and molecular biology as a prelude to a productive research career. The research interests of the department span many facets of cell and developmental biology. The department has placed particular emphasis on development and developmental neurobiology in areas including development of the enteric nervous system, development and subunit composition of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, migration of neurons during development of the nervous system, axonal transport, and muscle development. There is a related research program that takes advantage of the development and genetics of the lower eucaryotes Dictyostelium and yeast to ask questions about pattern formation, chemotaxis, organelle inheritance and DNA repair. The department is also home to cell biologists interested in microtubule dynamics, cell motility, cell cycle regulation, organelle movement and intracellular protein sorting (please refer to the individual listings of the faculty members).

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Cell Motility and Cytoskeleton Faculty
Control of Muscle Contraction
Microtubule Dynamics
Myosin I Function
Mitochondrial Movements
The Neuronal Cytoskeleton
Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology Faculty
Biogenesis of Neuronal Membranes
Development of the Enteric Nervous System
Neuromuscular Junction Structure&Function
Neuronal Regeneration and Repair
Mast Cell-Neuron Communication
Mechanisms Involved in Drug Abuse
Neuronal Migration
Estrogen and Brain Development
Retinal Development
Brain Development Diseases
Cell and Developmental Biology Faculty
Cell Adhesion
Intracellular Trafficking
Intercellular Signalling
Regulated Exocytosis
Kidney Development

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