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Dr. Glenda Garvey

Mission Statement Introduction and Background

At Columbia University, the desire to enhance the teaching environment and support the teaching mission of the faculty led us to develop the Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy. Dr. Garvey, who was Professor of Medicine at P&S, embodied the traits of the ideal educator First, she was a recognized expert in a body of knowledge. Second, she was an effective communicator who transmitted concepts, facts and her own enthusiasm for learning. Third, she was dedicated to her students, both during the time when they were under her tutelage and in subsequent stages of their careers. And finally, she, had the highest professional standards which she demonstrated in her own behavior and expected from her students.

The Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy is composed of four teaching academies, each representing one school on the CUMC campus.

P&S - The Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators

School of Nursing - Anna Maxwell Teaching Academy

Mailman School of Public Health - Mailman School Teaching Academy

Dental School - The Diamond Society

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