Conditions We Treat

The Skin and Laser Center offers numerous cosmetic and laser treatments to improve the look of your skin, remove unwanted hair and tattoos, and provide you with a more youthful, brilliant appearance.

Acne Scar Treatments
Acne and pox scars are visible depressions of the skin that can cause emotional discomfort to a patient. We offer numerous treatments to smooth out the depressions and improve the appearance of the skin caused by scarring.

Aging Skin
Research has shown that aging skin is caused by two factors: the natural aging process and environmental factors such as the sun and smoking. Some signs of aging skin include fine and deep wrinkles, transparent skin, blotchy complexions, loose skin, and brown spots on skin. Although we cannot stop the natural aging process, we do offer numerous treatments to restore skin, giving it a smoother and refreshed appearance. Additional therapies are also provided to protect your skin from environmental factors.

Removal Broken Blood Vessel
Broken blood vessels also called telangiectasias are red, blue or purple linear marks commonly found on the face (nose, cheeks and chin) and legs (spider veins). Telangiectasias are very common in healthy people and are usually caused by sun damage or aging. Treatments to reduce the redness and improve the appearance of the linear marks are prescribed by a dermatologist depending on the location and severity of the discoloration. Some treatments include:

Brown Spot Removal
One sign of aging skin is the formation of lentigines also known as sun spots, age spots and liver spots. These flat, brown discolorations of the skin usually found the face, neck and back of hands are caused by sunlight exposure. There are numerous treatments to improve the color of the skin depending on the severity and location of the discoloration.

Hair Removal
Unwanted hair is a common concern of many men and women. At the Skin and Laser Center, we provide laser hair removal to treat such concerns. Areas treated for hair removal include face, back, legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Laser hair removal has the benefit of being quick, safe and effective. Treatments will depend on location and hair and skin color. An initial consultation with a dermatologist will determine if you are a candidate for treatment as well as determine how many treatments will be required for optimal results.

Skin Resurfacing
As the aging process occurs, the skin’s surface tends to dull, wrinkle, produce brown spots and lose its suppleness. With today’s state of the art technology and therapies, we can improve skin’s texture, appearance and elasticity producing a youthful and vibrant complexion of the face and hands. Numerous treatments are at the Skin and Laser Center.

Tattoo Removal
Getting a tattoo often seems like a good idea; however, it also may turn into a bad idea after one matures. At the Skin and Laser Center we the Versa Pulse Laser to remove unwanted tattoos. Multiple treatments are usually necessary, especially when tattoos are multi-colored. Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest to treat. Other colors, such as green, selectively absorb laser light. These colors can only be treated by selected lasers based upon the pigment color. After a consultation with one of our dermatologists, the laser utilize will be discussed as well as how many treatments will be necessary for tattoo removal.

Wrinkle Reduction
As skin ages, collagen and elastin fibers that keep the skin firm weaken. The skin looks loose and lax, becomes thinner, and loses fat, so that it looks less plump and smooth. While all these changes are taking place, gravity is also at work, pulling at the skin and causing it to sag. Additionally wrinkles can be caused by facial expressions such as such as squinting, frowning or smiling. Numerous treatment options are available to treat fine lines and wrinkles.