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BOTOX® treatments

How does Botox work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a purified form of botulinum toxin. It is injected in miniscule amounts into the appropriate muscle causing the muscle to relax and thus diminish or eliminate the dynamic wrinkle, line or furrow.

BOTOX® has been used for over ten years to treat ophthalmological disorders, and is fast becoming the chosen non-surgical treatment to reverse signs of aging. After treatment, a patient treated with BOTOX® can still frown and smile, but the expression wrinkles around the eyes and forehead are diminished when they do. Normal facial expression is unaffected. Correction with BOTOX® is very natural, and most patients treated feel that they have a more wide-eyed, rested and less angry look.

Can BOTOX be used for excess sweating?

Yes. BOTOX® injections are also highly successful for the treatment of excess sweating of the palms, soles, and armpits. Excessive sweating can be alleviated with injections of a highly diluted form of botulinum toxin directly into the underarm skin or skin on the palms and soles of the hand or foot. There it paralyzes the sweat glands of the skin which are responsible for excessive perspiration. A single treatment session can provide months of relief, and experts believe that injections can be repeated indefinitely once or twice a year to maintain dryness.

How long does BOTOX last?

BOTOX® correction lasts an average of four months. Muscle action will then return. After repeated injections the results may be even longer lasting.

What can I expect during a treatment?

BOTOX® treatments are merely a simple injection. Most describe the injection sensation as feeling like a bug bite. The treatment is performed literally in a matter of minutes.

Are there restrictions after treatment?

No specific care is needed after the treatment but we ask that you avoid exercise for about 4 hours after treatment and air travel for 24 hours after treatment. We also ask that you avoid pressing or massaging the area for several hours as well.

Are there side effects?

The most common side effect of BOTOX® treatment is a temporary bruising at the injection site. This generally goes away within a couple of days, and can be covered up with makeup. In rare instances, patients may develop temporary weakness of the neighboring muscles, a temporary droopy brow or eyelid, or a headache.

When will I expect to see results?

Most people will see results within a week but sometimes, it can take up to two weeks to see results.

Is BOTOX covered by insurance?

In some cases, Botox treatments for the correction of increased sweating in the underarm area will be covered by insurance. Botox treatments for the correction of wrinkles are not covered by insurance.

Do I need a consult appointment with the doctor before my first treatment?

Yes. We do recommend a consult appointment so that the doctor can make sure that BOTOX is the correct treatment choice for you.  The doctor will discuss the risks and benefits and answer any questions that you may have prior to treatment. If time allows a treatment may be done after the consultation.To make an appointment for consultation, please call (212) 326-8889.

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