Recent Gifts

Auxiliary Celebrates Centennial with Award to Faculty Scholar at the Center for Women's Health

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Audrey Weiderlight, PhD, President of the New York Presbyterian

Hospital Auxiliary of the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center campus (far right) and  a member of the Health Sciences Advisory Council representing the Center for Women's Health Advisory Committee have funded a Scholar in Women's Health. This award has supported faculty scholars who mentor and train medical students, residents, and fellows in the discipline of gender-specific biology and develop new research projects and preventive health programs. Joining her from the New York Presbyterian Hospital are Steve Corwin MD, Chief Medical Officer (first on left) and Herbert Pardes MD, CEO (third from right).


Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation Gift to Medical Center

The Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation has awarded Dr. Elsa Giardina, Director of the Center for Women's Health support to establish a program dedicated to healthcare prevention for the major killers of women, including heart disease, breast cancer, and stroke. This support will make it possible to develop a model for prevention that can be used across a wide spectrum of women of varied ethnicity, educational backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. A top priority for the program will be to reach out to the underserved Northern Manhattan communities which the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center serves through local schools and church groups as well as through the growing clinical research programs of the Center.

Avon Foundation Scholarship in Women's Health at the Center for Women's Health/Columbia University Medical Center

Drawing on the expertise of the Center for Women's Health and the Avon Breast Cancer Care and Research Program the Avon Scholar works to develop model preventive health programs with a focus on breast cancer and key risk factors for illness in the underserved women of Northern Manhattan. The Avon Scholar works toward integration of the most advanced preventive knowledge about breast cancer and other prevalent illnesses to help all women to maintain good health and prevent disease. 

Gift of Aboodi Family

A gift from Esther and Oded Aboodi to Dr. Elsa-Grace Giardina supports young faculty scholars at the Center for Women's Health including recipients, Mindy Weiss andJulia Cassetta.  The gift makes possible support for young faculty involved in activities such as house staff training, student electives and community education in health issues that differentiate women from men.

Taub Scholars in Women's Health at Columbia University Medical Center

The Arlene and Joseph Taub Foundation provides the Center for Women's Health with support to to promote faculty scholars at all stages of training and professional life. The gift to Dr. Elsa Giardina is a model for collaborative efforts imperative to the discipline of women's health and supports multidisciplinary faculty allowing time for teaching unique gender-specific concerns and conducting research and clinical activities in women’s health.  In addition, the support provides an infrastructure to integrate clinical care, research and educational efforts that impacts on the health of all women and their families. More than 10 faculty from multidisciplinary divisions and departments as well as staff educators have been recipients of Taub support and enhance the educational and research progress in women's health at CUMC.