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Center for Women's Health and the New York Academy of Medicine collaborate to address vascular risk with using social marketing at St. Mary's Church.

Contact InformationThe Center for Women's Health is partnering with the New York Academy of Medicine to reduce vascular disease among high-risk members of choral groups at churches in Washington Heights-Inwood and Northern Manhattan. The plan is to increase awareness and knowlege of cardiovavascular disease and stroke among the high-risk members of a team such as a chorus. This year-long community health program is aimed at increasing awareness of Heart Disease and Stroke and promoting healthy living,by focusing on positive approaches to change behavior to impact individual healthy lifestyles.

The approach for this social marketing strategy is to reduce vascular risk by working as a team to reduce weight--not for the sake of vanity, but for the sake of health! For more information, call the Center for Women's Health outreach team at (212) 305-6154 and to learn moreabout how to to keep our hearts in harmony.

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