Patient Education

Physicians at the Center for Women's Health recognize the importance of communication and understand that education is one of the best ways patients can actively contribute to their own health care.

"Hearts in Harmony"--A Cardiovascular Educational Collaboration with the Choir at St. Mary's in Manhattan

In a collaboration with the Choir at St. Mary's Church in Manhattan, Reverend. Earl Educators in actionKooperkamp, Pastor, and Janet Dorman, Choirmaster, the Center for Women's Health and the New York Academy of Medicine,

implemented a social marketing campaign to educate members of the Choir about risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke. The goal is to determine whether a group of individuals that functions as a team, such as a choir, can work together to reduce personal risk as w ell as group risk by education and self-efficacy.

Each month, the Choir gathers to learn about heart disease and stroke, the warning signs of a heart attack and stroke and what to do in case of an emergency.The Center's educators are pictured: Elsa Giardina MD (seated left); Nigist Tadesse, MS student at the Institute of Human Nutrition (standing left); Juviza Rodriguez,  health educator (standing center); and Jennifer Decolongon, MD, Project Coordinator (standing right). The New York Academy of Medicine's Amy Hart photographs the sessions as a permanent record of the effort, its barriers,and accomplishments.

St. Mary's Choir

Each time they meet, the Choir (pictured right) participates in educational counseling, physical measures including determination of blood pressure, weight, waist and height measures, and educational counseling . Each received a tape measure to record waist size and height. A record of the measures is provided and updated at each visit.

Focus groups about best ways to implement change, management of risk factors, and educational sessions about life-style, such as diet and exercise, are led by the investigators with the Choir members.



Measures of blood pressure, weight, and waist are determined at each visit and counselling about diet and physical activity are conducted (see below).

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