A Message from the Director

photo: Elsa-Grace V. Giardina, MDA new era in women's health is taking shape, and the Center for Women's Health is in the forefront. Propelled by the knowledge that women will constitute the larger population and will be the most susceptible to disease in the future; that overall women have worse health then men; and that certain health problems are more prevalent or are unique to women, we will address critical clinical, research and educational issues to improve these deficiencies in women’s health. 

We aspire to provide outstanding medical care to women of all ages based on prevention and treatment of unique aspects of women’s health and disease. We will facilitate scientific investigation into gender specific biology crossing the disciplines that impact on women’s health, an especially important focus given that much of current biomedical knowledge is based on the assumption that there are no gender differences.  Recognizing that professional and educational programs are a key to sustaining and promoting credible scientific effort in women’s health, we are training the next generation of physicians. We will serve as a forum for identifying social, economic, environmental and political considerations influencing women’s health. Further, we will develop multidisciplinary approaches and foster collaborative research and communication among researchers, practitioners, policy makers and organizations to address diverse and complex issues that impact on women’s health. 

Elsa-Grace V. Giardina, MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

Attending Physician New-York Presbyterian Hospital