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The Center for Women's Health offers interdisciplinary medical care and research

opportunities related to women's health.for women. Students work directly with faculty in Primary Care, Cardiology, Ob-Gyn, Orthopedics, Nutrition and Weight Management emphasizing issues of women’s health. Students see patients alongside faculty preceptors and actively participate in patient management. Regular sessions with the course director cover basic topics in Women's Health including preventive health, menopause, osteoporosis, hypertension, and common primary care problems to provide a didactic framework for the rotation. Students benefit from one to one teaching by faculty preceptors during the clinic sessions and may choose to work on a clinical research project related to Women's Health.  For information contact Office of the Dean, Val ¬†Ambrose,, or

Pictured left to right: Medical residents, Laura Epstein MD, CUMC, and Zena Joseph MD, University of Pittsburgh review research data..

NIH Summer Fellowship for Medical Students

Medical StudentsThe NIH Summer Research Fellowship Committee of CUMC has awarded Tracy K. Paul, Class of 2011, College of Physicians & Surgeons, a summer fellowship to assess vascular risk among women and their families in the community of Washington-Heights Inwood. Ms. Paul joins other Columbia students at the Center for Women's Health including Melissa Laudano ('09) and Emily Hurstak ('10). In addition to original field work with a team from the Division of Cardiology, the Department of Pediatrics and the Institute of Human Nutrition, Ms. Paul meets at a weekly seminar with other CUMC students to present results of the summer research.

Pictured standing left to right: Lorraine Mull (MS Student, Human Nutrition) and Tracy Paul (P&S Student, Class of 2011) ; seated left to right: Elaine Fleck, MD (General Medicine) and Mary McCord, MD, MPH (Pediatrics)

Master's Students at the Institute of Human Nutrition

Picture standing left to right:Collaboration with research faculty at the Center for Women's Health is available for Master's degree students in the Institute of Human Nutrition. Lorraine Mull ('08), Carolyn Wu MS ('09), Favia Merritt and Nigist Tadesse ('10); and Sharon Song ('11) evaluate attitudes and knowledge about heart disease and diet and nutrition among overweight and obese participants at risk for cardiovascular disease including Hispanic, African American and Asian women.

A focus on intergenerational attitudes among families relating to concerns and awareness about the risks associated with overweight and the management of obesity in adults and children  is a key interest for activities in 2009-2011.

Pictured standing left to right: Lorraine Mull (MS Student, Human Nutrition), Darlene Castro, Project coordinator, and Elsa Giardina, MD; seated left to right: Elaine Fleck, MD and Mary McCord, MD, MPH

Medical residents clinical research opportunities

The Center for Women's Health provides cardiovascular mentoring tohouse staff.

Congratulations to Deirdre Carrol Mattina, MD whose research was one of  three selected for presentation at the Department of Medicine Annual Housestaff Research Grand Rounds, 2009. Dr. Mattina reviewed the data base of the Heart Health in Action survey and found that physicians and public health officials must recognize differences in cultural norms and communicate true weight status to bring about change in health risk behaviors among women.

Nicole Dumas,  MD (2010-11) worked to provide links to uncover the problems between mothers and children that impose barriers to healthy lifestyle choices such as diet and physical activity. Dr. Dumas is currently a fellow in Cardiology at New York University Medical Center.

Laura Epstein Flink, MD (2011-2012) worked to understand problems about cardiovascular risk, health literacy and awareness. She was awarded a 2012 Young Investigator Award by the New York State Chapter of the American College of Cardiology at the 2012 annual meeting .

Tracy K Paul, MD (2012-13) is interested in family dynamics that impact on weight and perception of weight. Congratulations to Dr. Paul as her reserach was one of three selected for presentation at the Department of Medicine Annual Housestaff Research Grand Rounds 2013.

Nathalie Moises MD (2012-13) has investigated health literacy in the population of women living in the community of Washington-Heights and has identified limitations among women who are overweight and obese.

Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy

The Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy recognizes the efforts of those whose committment to teaching and education to students, residents and faculty is exemplary. Please visit the Academy website for to learn its mission, qualifications and the application process for Fellowship.