Cell Injury

This section reviews several forms of cell injury and cell death. Compare the cellular changes in reversible injury (e.g., ballooning degeneration) to those seen in irreversible injury, including necrosis and apoptosis. The last images in this section demonstrate the gross appearances of necrotic tissue.

CI -1
Ballooning Degeneration: Alcoholic Hepatitis CI -6 Apoptosis: Viral Hepatitis
CI -2
Coagulative Necrosis: Myocardial Infarction CI -7 Myocardial Infarction: TTC
CI -3 Necrosis of Tumor CI -8 Papillary Necrosis of Kidney

CI -4 Calcification of Non-viable Cells: Necrotic Breast Carcinoma CI -9 Renal Infarct
CI -5 Apoptosis: Lymphoma CI -10 Renal Infarct