Heart Institute

Columbia's Heart Institute includes two units: 5 Garden North and 5 Garden South. Each unit contains 36 beds, all with telemetry capabilities. Both of these units care for challenging cardiac patients--indeed, at many other hospitals these patients would be cared for in a standard CICU. But thanks to the extraordinary expertise and technological capacity of the Heart Institute, these patients can receive care outside the ICU setting.

  • 5 Garden North: This unit primarily treats complex interventional cardiology patients. It is staffed round the clock by interventional cardiology physician assistants under the supervision of Jeffrey Moses, M.D., one of the pioneers in the field, and other world-renowned physicians in our cardiac catheterization lab. This team of experts has unique experience in managing challenging interventional cardiology cases, avoiding post-catheterization complications and managing them when they do occur. The nurse-to-patient ratio on this unit is one for every five to six patients.
  • 5 Garden South: Identical in layout to 5 Garden North, this unit cares for a diverse mix of cardiac patients, including interventional cardiology cases, patients with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, post-heart attack patients, and patients with valvular and aortic problems. The nurse-to-patient ratio on this unit is one for every four to six patients.

The Heart Institute is a leading teaching and research facility, and many of the patients here and in our CICU have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge clinical research trials, giving them access to the latest drugs and devices not yet available to the general public.

Heart Institute visiting hours are between 12 noon and 8 pm.


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