Preventive Cardiology

Preventive Cardiology 

The Preventive Cardiology Program of New York-Presbyterian Hospital is a comprehensive program that supports patient care, education, research and community and corporate outreach to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease and to promote heart health.  The Preventive Cardiology Program Team is made up of highly trained staff of doctors, nurses, health educators and others under the direction of Dr. Lori Mosca

Family PASSPORT to Heart Health: Family members of patients admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital with heart or vascular disease are eligible to receive free heart disease risk screening and education.  The program was established in an effort to provide comprehensive quality preventive care for patients in the cardiac service line, including reaching out to family members that may also be at risk of CHD events due to shared genetic risk and lifestyle. Bilingual English/Spanish prevention counselors are available.

The Columbia Center For Heart Disease Prevention specializes in the treatment of patients at risk for, or with, coronary heart disease.  Building on the hospital's research and clinical expertise, this prevention program offers services to help reduce the risk of developing heart disease and to prevent recurrent heart problems.  The range of prevention services includes: routine screening exams, high-risk evaluations, nutrition counseling, and referral to smoking cessation, behavior management programs and all other cardiovascular diagnostic testing available at New York Presbyterian Hospital.


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