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Columbia University Medical Center is rich with research opportunities and dedicated mentors committed to training cardiology fellows. The Division of Cardiology holds an NIH sponsored training grant for those interested in pursuing an intensive research experience.

Basic science research runs the gamut, but Columbia has particular strengths in basic electrophysiology, cardiac ion channel biology, vascular biology, lipid metabolism, cardiovascular genetics, and the molecular and cellular pathogenesis of heart failure. The division is enriched by interdisciplinary opportunities and collaborative efforts. The basic scientists affiliated with the cardiology division are well funded by the NIH and highly regarded within their areas of expertise.

In October 2006 the National Institutes of Health bestowed the highly competitive Clinical and Translational Award (CTSA) in an effort to form a national consortium focused on innovation, streamlining, and expediting clinical research delivery and the delivery of new treatments to patients. This award will allow for the establishment of an Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, which will expand the core resources available to clinical researchers. The Institute is headed by Henry Ginsberg, Professor of Medicine, who is closely affiliated with the cardiology division.

There is a tremendous breadth of clinical research experiences available to the cardiology fellows in all subdivisions ranging from heart failure and transplantation, cardiac imaging, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, and preventive cardiology. Opportunities range from epidemiologic studies to observational studies, cohort studies, and large clinical trials. Fellows within the four year research track may apply to enroll in a fully funded Patient Oriented Research Masters program that will provide them with the epidemiologic and biostatistical background necessary for transitioning towards an autonomous investigative career.

In recent years, the need to bridge clinical and basic science, in order to expedite new diagnostic modalities and treatments for cardiovascular disease, has become increasingly apparent. Columbia has risen to this challenge and now has a number of investigators actively involved in translational research. For example, bench to bedside approaches have been employed to study molecular imaging of atherosclerosis, new therapies for heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, and a novel system to diagnose transplant rejection.

In the final analysis, Columbia has all of the resources necessary to develop and promote the academic careers of cardiology fellows in a spectrum of different fields. The Division of Cardiology is committed to tailoring the fellowship experience to the specific research interests of each of its trainees.

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