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Zena Stein, MB, BCh is Professor of Epidemiology and Psychiatry Emerita at Columbia University and member, HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies, New York State Psychiatric Institute. She received her medical degree in South Africa.  After a career in community health and primary health care there, she became a faculty at Manchester University. Since the mid 1960's, she has occupied her present position at Columbia University.

Her research into mental retardation and developmental disabilities led to studies of the effects of prenatal undernutrition on subsequent development following the Dutch Famine of 1944/5 and in Central Harlem. She also initiated studies of miscarriage, preterm delivery, and malformations. Because of her concern with HIV, she began to study prenatal and perinatal HIV infection and HIV infection in women. 

Dr. Stein is a pioneer to provide women with methods of protection in heterosexual relationships. Recognizing that the male condom will often not be available, she has promoted microbicides, the female condom and behavioral strategies for women. She has emphasized that women be equipped with the maximal level of protection. Simultaneously, she has encouraged research on protection from HIV that might yet permit women to conceive. Most recently, she has written on the need, in the US and South Africa, for family planning centers to emphasize the need for dual protection.

She is a consultant and lectures nationally and internationally.  She has served on the Editorial Boards of journals. Dr. Stein has been Principal Investigator of many NIH grants and recipient of many national and international awards.

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