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Richard N. Pierson Jr., MD is Professor of Clinical Medicine, trained in Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Biology. He was a founder of the Ethics Committee at St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital.

An avid student of the "boundary conditions" between the disciplines of Physics and Medicine, and between the professions of Medicine, Literature, Ethics, and Law, he has been stimulated by the Great Forces associated with poverty (1930-1940); WW II; the advent, pains, and benefits of Atomic Energy; the cataclysmic barbarisms of the Holocaust, Stalinist Russia, South Africa past, Central Africa present; and the "exponential" issues of population increase, and of technical proficiencies in Biomedicine which have made the learning and teaching of Medicine radically more powerful and more expensive.

His pleasure with boundaries has stimulated him to serve very actively with organized medicine, and with large multi-discipline medical research adventures, some of which have succeeded. The BioEthics program offers a platform for collegial consideration of major opportunities for collegial solutions, to problems which a generation ago would not have been considered a part of "Medicine," or on its agenda, in the School or the Academy. It is a great attraction of Columbia, and P&S, at the opening of the new millennium, that scientists and philosophers of such broad range find many excuses, and some strong demands, that they speak together, as prelude to suggesting large solutions to some sensitive and critical boundaries.

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