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Jay Meltzer, MD is Clinical Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Physician and Surgeons.

Major Accomplishments: First at CPMC to do renal biopsies (1964), Peritoneal Dialysis (1966), medical support for Kidney Transplantation (1969). Dr. Meltzer founded Nephrology Division in 1975, where he supervised the first renal fellow, Dr. Gerald Appel. He began the Lupus Study Program in 1962, in collaboration with Dr. Charles Christian, utilizing renal biopsy to clarify and classify the pathophysiology of Lupus Nephritis as a new basis for treatment, passing it on to Dr. Appel in 1978. It continues to this day. Dr. Meltzer discovered important elements of the pathophysiology of Nephrotic Syndrome correlating renal biopsy with mechanisms of edema formation: underfilling and overfilling (1976). He pioneered the teaching of medical ethics in the Department of Medicine beginning in 1979 and continuing to the present. Published 25 scientific articles in peer reviewed medical journals.

Current areas of interest: Critical Reviews of major clinical studies and guidelines in the treatment of hypertension. The importance of physician-patient interaction in the treatment of hypertension. The malign influence of Big Pharma on clinical research, major medical society meetings and treatment guidelines in the field of  hypertension.

903 Park Avenue
New York , NY 10021
Phone:  212-988-4488

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