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Roberto Lewis-Fernández, MD is Director of the Hispanic Treatment Program at New York State Psychiatric Institute, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University, and Lecturer on Social Medicine at Harvard University. His research focuses on the socio-cultural determinants of illness experience, symptomatology, help-seeking behavior, and treatment outcome among U.S. Latinos diagnosed with anxiety, depressive, and dissociative disorders. Specific interests include the relationship between psychiatric diagnoses and Latino popular syndromes; socio-cultural factors associated with treatment dropout; misdiagnosis of psychosis as a result of folk idioms of distress; symptom presentations of trauma-related disorders among Latino patients; and collaboration models between psychiatry and primary care medicine to increase access to mental health treatment.

Dr. Lewis-Fernández is currently a member of the Cultural Psychiatry Committee of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry and the Services Review Panel of the NIMH. He also serves as Editor of the Cases Section of Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, which publishes clinical cases illustrating the impact of culture on the symptoms, course, and outcome of psychiatric disorders and patients' help-seeking choices.

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