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Adrienne Asch, PhD, MS is the Edward and Robin Milstein Professor of Bioethics at Yeshiva University and Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health and Family and Social Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her work focuses on the ethical, political, psychological, and social implications of human reproduction and the family.

She has authored numerous articles and book chapters, and is the co-editor of Prenatal Testing and Disability Rights and The Double-Edged Helix: Social Implications of Genetics in a Diverse Society.       

She received her doctorate in social psychology from Columbia University, was a member of the board of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, the Clinton Task Force on Health Care Reform, and the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Policy Planning Group of the National Human Genome Research Institute. She is a board member of the Society of Jewish Ethics and the American Civil Liberties Union, a fellow at the Hastings Center, and a member of the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law.

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