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Lawrence Amsel, MD, MPH is Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University and the Director of Education Evaluation at the New York Consortium for Trauma Treatment. He is an Associate for Medical Education at the Hastings Center. His focus has been on applying Decision Science and Game Theory to understand how clinicians and patients make individual decisions and attempt to construct shared decisions. A recently completed NIH funded project with Dan Callahan at Hastings Center involved the production of educational video on shared decision making in genetic counseling. A recent theoretical paper developed a game theory model to improve our understanding of the decision-making process in suicide attempts. From both an educational and research perspective this work raises questions about the bioethical implications of Decision Science. He serves as the Director of Dissemination Research for the Division of Trauma Studies at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. In the wake of 9/11, the group has been funded to train over a thousand community clinicians in the state of the art therapies for Post Traumatic Distress Disorder and Traumatic Grief. They are also conducting research on the best ways to conduct mass disseminations of clinical therapies by introducing innovative motivational techniques.

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