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Lynn Bush, PhD, MS, MA

Dr. Bush has an interdisciplinary background in psychology, bioethics, neuroscience, and genetics that informs her research on heritable disorders of infants and children. Her PhD and internship were in Clinical Psychology with child sub-specialization, fellowships in Pediatrics, MS in Bioethics with a public health and genetics focus, and MA in developmental psychology (all degrees from Columbia). She is currently investigating the psychological and ethical implications of newborn screening and sharing neurogenetic information. Dr. Bush is writing a book on Narrative Genomics and composes original dramatic vignettes (in collaboration with Karen Rothenberg, JD MPA) to enhance the discourse and understanding of complex psychosocial/ethical issues surrounding genomic research and clinical practice amongst the scientific, bioethical, and policy-making communities.These interactive dialogues are used as a creative teaching vehicle for medical schools and professional conferences, as they bring to life the challenges facing both the physician-scientist and participant-patient concerning the informed consent process, returning genetic results involving children, and the disclosure of incidental findings.

Mailing Address:

Center for Bioethics, Columbia University Medical Center

630 W. 168th Street, BOX 161

New York, NY 10032

Phone: (203) 984-5813



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