medical informatics

Mitchell F. Berman, MD
Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology

Dr. Berman's primary research interest is in outcome studies involving large computerized clinical and administrative databases.  He is the administrator and designer of the anesthesia intraoperative data collection network and database at Columbia, a data source used for clinical research projects by researchers in the anesthesiology department and by other researchers at the University and Hospital.

The Department of Anesthesiology at Columbia University is one of the main participants in the national MPOG research database housed at  the University of Michigan (Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group).  Dr. Berman is one of the primary collaborators in the MPOG research consortium.

Dr. Berman also maintains a strong interest in the ergonomics and design of anesthesia monitoring equipment, and the integration of electronic medical recordkeeping.  He collaborates with the biomedical engineering department at the Hospital to select monitoring equipment and to design the mounting of patient monitors and computerized recordkeeping equipment onto the anesthesia workstation.


Alex Rusanov, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology


Dr. Rusanov’s interest is the use of technology in the practice of anesthesiology. Previous work focused on the peri-operative use of cardiac rhythm devices. He was involved in a multi-center clinical trial studying the effects of temporary post-operative pacing on hemodynamics and outcomes in cardiac surgical patients.
His current research is in the field of clinical research informatics, especially the gap between research and real world patient populations. Of particular interest is the study of issues surrounding data quality of information stored in large electronic medical record databases and the suitability of this data for secondary use in research. Other work focuses on the application of natural language processing, text mining, information retrieval, machine learning, and network visualization techniques to algorithmically analyze eligibility criteria, research publications and clinical guidelines. The ultimate aim is to improve the generalizability and applicability of clinical research by systematically examining the components of the bench-to-bedside pyramid, from the underlying research data at its foundation to the clinical guidelines impacting patient care at its pinnacle.
Dr. Rusanov also has an interest in research directed at improving patient safety and healthcare quality via understanding and reducing workplace inefficiencies in the operating room and critical care environments. 


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