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Patient Centered Care combined with Technology is a hallmark of the Division of Pain Medicine. This approach allowed patient Sara Gilbert Nadler-Goldstein to return to her “normal” life pain free, thanks to the interventional procedure and caring approach of the Pain Medicine Team, lead by Dr. Michael Weinberger.

A Patient’s Story, in her own words:  

Dear Dr. Wood,

I have nothing but the utmost Praise and Gratitude for Dr. (Michael) Weinberger.  When I presented myself to him 7 years ago, (at the Pain Center) I recall telling him that I was in desperate need of help and that he was my last hope.  I also stated that I wanted to have the ability to have a full and normal life, hopefully with no pain meds.

Dr. Weinberger immediately presented me with a plan of care after he conferred with Dr. (Paul) McCormick (Dr. McCormick performed back surgery approximately a year prior after an auto accident).  It was recommended that I consider (an interventional procedure), Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) as a mechanism for dealing with my pain as well as FBS. In October of 2005 (I had a) Spinal Cord Stimulator trial with Dr. Weinberger. In December of 2005 (I had a) permanent implantation.

The spinal cord stimulator has given me everything I was hoping to achieve without pain meds. Ability to lead a full and normal life which includes driving to Long Island where my mother lives.

Dr. Weinberger is caring, compassionate as well as understanding the complexity of my medical condition he understood me.

Sara Gilbert Nadler-Goldstein


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